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Did the Infected changed on the new server?

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I had a Situation in Kabanino yesterday where I met 2 guys. One of them went in Trouble with 3 Zombies so i decided to shot them. Suddenly 10-15 Infected appeared and I was not able to take them down with my M4. Doesn't matter how often I shot them or where I aimed at (3 headshots and still not dead), they refused to die. I nearly died at this Situation. Are there invulnerable Zombies in the game atm? ? 

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Zombies are not invulnerable, no, but they are kind of.. beefy.

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Since 0.63 EXP came out there has been times where the bullets are not registering their hits when fired from the gun. It happens sporadically so there isn't much you can do to prepare for it. 

Couple of days ago, one of the devs announced that the issue had been fixed internally and they are looking into putting the fix out on EXP as soon as possible.
As Sleepy said, they are a bit more beefy and stronger, especially if you have a lot of them ganging up on you as each hit from the infected will cause your character to stagger for a moment. 

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The zombies should drop from 1-2 center mass shots or 1 headshot with an M4 but as dino says there are issues with bullet registration with players and zombies. Also if you didnt see the blood spray when shooting you might have just been missing your shots.

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Okay thank you guys for answering ? good to know that the Registration is kinda Buggy. didn't knew that. 

And yes, I saw the blood spraying out of them since I shot them while they were Right in front of me ? 

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