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Mission Giver

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Hello, for over a year I've been contacting groups to attempt to offer them another way of roleplaying aside from the PvP/campfire stuff.  I currently have two groups that are working for my off screen mission giver. 

 Missions can range and even include other groups and players from time to time.  Rewards are given out through roleplay items ie. a case of Jack Daniels.  When missions are completed your reputation with the mission giver will increase and unlock further answers to who exactly he is and higher grade rewards.  To get a mission for yourself or your group send me a PM.  I've not publicly announced doing this for some time for several reasons but I believe due to the poor quality of narrative construction on our server I can make a difference for those whom want more out of roleplay than the same old.


In addition I like to ask for anyone willing to play NPCs for PVP encounters for people on missions give me a PM.  NPC means none player character and so you would be playing a throw away bandit or even a russion solider.  You may be asked to dress a certain way and act a certain way for these events.


Thank you.

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Sounds good Mason

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This used to be an unspoken requirement of settlements. If you didn't have things to keep people who visit your hub engaged, in turn not stuck around a fireplace, you used to be considered an "eh" hub... 

Personally wished that everyone would come up with several "plot hooks" ever week to throw out to other players so shit's always happening in game ?

With that in mind, hope this idea of "mission giver" takes of in a more natural way where people will just start doing this of their own initiative ^_^ 

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That is my goal, word for word mate.

6 minutes ago, The Traveler said:

idea of "mission giver" takes of in a more natural way where people will just start doing this of their own initiative

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