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VIP crash landed into NWAF 25/5/13

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*a static fills the airwaves, then suddenly a click*

This is M-&%#@* Jackson, my pilot just tried to eat me, I had to shoot him, and i dont know how to fly, im ###$%@##$#%% from hitting @#[email protected]#[email protected] crashing into the north west tarmac.

Please Loo$#@$%#&^@....

*the static cuts*

//so this is a small RP event id like to set up for any one-or more people to take part it.

// I'm RPing a member of the Jackson Family.

//ive got a FULL tool belt and am almost dead with an M1911 with 1 or 2 mags?

//Will you help the Jackson Man? or rob him and leave him for dead?

//I will be on saturday Server Time (UTC+1): 4:00 til whenever i get bored and no one shows up.

//Subject to change this from saturday to friday

//Hope someone comes along. I was 2 people with an ATV the other day.

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Inb4 US sends a rescue team for the VIP.

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((Sounds fun. At first however I thought you were cursing, and then I immidiatly came to think of Samuel L. Jackson.

*warning, Heavy curseword example to follow*

"This is motherfuckin' Samuel L. Jackson etc etc etc, im fucked up from hitting a mothafuckin' treetop, crashing into North west tarmac.

Please look for me, or im fucked."

I guess I need to wash my brain with soap?

On a serious note, I'll see if I can get TOR involved. Did you mean servertime 04:00? ))

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//hehe sorry i hadnt the moment to respond til the day of. if any of you guys might still be interested, ill be on and off all day today. so hope to see someone.

//Tom you silly :P

//remember folks this "character" hasnt a clue whats going on and is pretty hurt, hes already tried to find someone alive but has met the zeds.

and no, server time now til whenever. lol im bad at this whole planning thing i guess

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