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134.56 MHz

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**The Frequency crackles alive with a transmission being sent. It is static and unintelligible at first, clearing up sometime later along.**

"**** Emmrich of the 41st ***** does anyone copy? I say again, Sgt ******* of the ****** does anyone copy? I repeat, to all NATO and US-affiliated forces within the AO, you are not alone. I repeat you are not ******. Sgt ***** out."

**The Frequency dies out after some moments, the message odd but perhaps... helpful to those who needed it.**

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*Hearing the broadcast, Jacob would grab his radio and press the PTT*

Perhaps you might like to not broadcast that you're NATO over an open frequency. People don't take too kindly to that sort of thing.

*He'd pause for a moment before continuing*

Contact me on a more private frequency and we'll talk. And for the love of god stop saying your name on the radio.

*He releases the PTT and puts his radio back in his bag.*

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**The frequency comes alive once more**

"**** again over? **** repeat say again over? Didn't catch your ****?"

**The channel goes quiet once more**

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