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Nice to Find a Good RP server!

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Hello my Name is Joseph Henning (RP) and I love roleplaying!

Here is my Backstory!

Joseph Henning was born in 1987 in a small minnesota farm town named greenville, following 9/11 Joseph Enlisted in the marine corp and Met Bubba negala, Bubba Called himself a “Prepper” and Continued to fill Joseph’s head with knowledge about the coming of the “Zombie Apocalypse” Unlike other men in their unit Joseph listened to what Mark had to say, involving himself in the conversation by asking question and giving feedback. After Graduation from Basic Combat Training Both Bubba and Joseph were Assigned to the 3rd marine Division ,1st battalion, Echo Company, First platoon.

After two tours in Afghanistan and 1 on the DMZ, the 3rd marines (Joseph and Bubba included) were deployed to the Russian Province of Chernarus to help Evac Russian citizens from the Area after a Freak accident at a Military Facility. After hearing The news Bubba Started Acting weird (Weirded the Normal at least) Sharpening Stakes and Studying Maps of the Area (So much so when Asked why by the Company CO bubba just looked at him and said “this mission will be our last” and continued to study). Finally after Days of this Nonsense Joseph stopped Bubba in the hall and Screamed “What the Hell is your problem, this is another mission Just like the Rest Snap out of it Bubba!” in return bubba just looked at him and said “meet me in my Barracks tonight at 8PM Bring none else”.

That night Joseph moved across Base and to Bubba’s Barracks where Bubba was waiting outside. Bubba Grabbed Joseph and pushed him in the door (looking Both ways before Locking it) Joseph Turned to bubba and asked “now what's going on?” Bubba turned to him and said “You know that Meltdown at the Facility in Russia?” “Yes, What about it?” he replied “ They aren't Researching Medicine Their Researching the Dead.”

(Fast Forward to present Day)

Bubba Died 2 days ago from a “zombie Bite” the rest of Platoon in a heli Crashed on the way to the Airfield. No longer are there Borders or Government. only anarchy and Death the world is Ruled by Bandits and Small Communities of survivors, The world is ruled by the Victor and Right now no one is a victor.

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