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To The Pack (Open Freq)

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*Reznov lays back on the upper parts of the barn, staring the ceiling and thinking. After a small conclusion, he decides to bring the radio to his lips and press down his PTT to speak in his gruff Russian accent.*

"This message goes out to 'The Pack'.

My name is Reznov. Now a few of you may know me from the Riptide encampment, and to those that don't- I am a good friend of the people who reside there, though not directly of affiliation.

Now, one of yours- Aaron- seems to have implied to me that there is some kind of quarrel that you have with myself and/or the people at this camp. Now, I am not entirely sure if this is true, as Aaron has proven to be not the most reliable of sources...

Now, if this IS the case- then I happily invite all of you down to the encampment for some fresh food and any decent drink that can be scrounge up to discuss whatever matters are bothering you all.

And if NOT, and all is well- the offer still stands. As from what I can tell you are all quite kind and reasonable peoples and I would be happy to have you over as guests.

Regardless, I simply wish to keep kind relations between us all- as I much prefer corporations over confrontations...

So. I wait for your reply.

Regardless, have a good night.

доброй ночи."

*He lets go of the PTT and drifts off to sleep.*

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Ivan heard the broadcast and pushes the button to reply

Reznov, yes there is something we need to discuss about a certain situation regarding you and Aaron, which by the way I also dont take too kindly on. If there are issues with you and one of us you talk directly to ME. Understood? Yes I realize that he can be...well, a bit of a pain in the ass to deal and I agree, he is not the most reliable source. We are working on that but if no progress is made [he cuts his eyes to look in Aaron's direction] and he continues to do this shit... then I will take care of him permanently. As far as I'm concerned the issues between youn the camp, and him are most between you guys and not with the rest of us, however like I said. We are working on that. We will see you at the camp.

He releases the ptt

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