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Need Help For DayZ Short Film (Kazimir Yazov)

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Hello, everyone, I would like to introduce to you my plan with Kazimir coming up. Over the past few days, I really became more and more inspired to create an episodic series for Kazimir and I brainstormed creating a short film using DayZ .63 experimental. Currently, I've already started getting people involved, but I could use more creative minds to help with the project.

The first episode is going to be set up in a suspense/thriller/horror mood. The video will be roughly 8 to 15 minutes long. What I need from anyone who is willing to volunteer can vary. If someone believes they are good script writers, editors, directors, actors or otherwise, I can use you in this. I'll be giving full credit to anyone who helps out with the project and depending on what they are willing to offer, I will negotiate paid commissions. To get an idea what this short film is supposed to be, I would recommend watching this video for the mood.



So far, we've been brainstorming ideas and scenes already and the timestamp of it. My plan as creative director is that it will be roughly 290 days in, when Kazimir first enters into South Zagoria. He will have his little sister be hiding during the time and he will be scouting out the area around him. In the film, it describes his findings through a cassette tape. 

I could also use anyone who knows a thing or two about editing and others who know somethings about GFX. This is a whole new area for me to get into and I could really use a helping hand. 

I've already created an audio sample to give people the idea of the mood I am trying to portray.


If you feel like you could be an asset to this project and want to help make my passion project come true, follow the discord link and discuss with us in the discord. 


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Feel free to give me a shout if you need any Visual Effects, I have a few examples here.


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