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2 questions concerning the rules

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I see two guys with a car, they are lotting lets say a heli crash. they are ~ 20 metres away from the car, i am ~ 100 metres away. if i engage, they still have the mobility (one holde me up, second drives away, maybe getting help), so i decide not to iniate. but they have realy good wepons and food, so i MUST rob them somehow.

Can I shoot the cars tire with out telling them to be able to engage more safely?

*note: they aren't close to the car, so they can't be hurt


I just arrived and the lands of chernarus. i look like a bright clown in the forrests, due to my bright blue jacket. now i come across another blue jacket in a abandoned house. I bag it for later use.

Later that day, I see a guy in the best camo you can somehow imagine.

Can I now iniate on him, disarm him and go a head, forcing him to "get dressed" in my bagged jacket so i can use his?

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1) Shooting someones car without contact at all is a no-go.

2) Sure, but if it's a donation exchange skin it will convert to Survivor clothing if you put on in-game clothing. You can basically force him to do anything (as long as it's reasonable). If he doesn't comply, then you can shoot him. Forcing him to drop his clothes is no different than forcing him to drop his backpack for example.

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You never know in what shape the vehicle is. Popping up a tire might just as well cause an explosion and harm them.

Regardless, you would be engaging their ,actively guarded property which would give them impression of being attacked by breaking the rules.

Such engaging is without doubt hostile, I believe GM staff could judge that you broke the rules by lack of proper contact.

I don't see how would you attempt to rob them. If I was in their position, after seeing my car being shot at and a person later approaching with weaponry fitting the gun shots - I would not hesitate but just kill you.

Nobody says - you MUST rob them. If you MUST then just ran towards them like maniac and hope that 2 vs 1 in open field will turn into your favour...


Sure, you can make your hostages to strip of their clothings.

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concerning ruling on 1) ... I dont plan to tell them i will shoot the car.

Extended question: I roleplay a paranoid bandit, and i see a group looting a chopper crash, in like 500 metres distance. Can i now go a head, blowing up theri tires?


- they could rob me

-they could do other bad things with their car

- my character is bored

- etc.


after Goz replied:

lets say, i am not alone and i want to stop them from leaving the area untill my back up is there?

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1) This is just stupid. What would be the reason of telling them that you are going to shoot their tire off ? I didn't expect such solution.

You are basically asking if you can act like a dick and shoot people's property without contact - answer is no.

To make a hostile action (and shooting somebodies property when owners are nearby) obviously is one - you need to make contact.

Only exceptions to this is theft & chloroform.

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ok, thats clear enough i guess :) thanks, staff, for sharing your time. I hope, i did not bother you all too much

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