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Death of a traitor

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*Matthias would slump under a looming tree somewhere in the forests of chernarus...pop his radio out of his side cargo pocket, take a deep breath, grin, and press the PTT*

"Run Run Run as fast as you can, Santiago. Your deeds will be your downfall..."  

"I am sick...so so sick of people coming after my friends and I because of rumors, false information, and peoples idiocracy...so fucking tired...we brought you in with open arms in hopes to help better your life....and this is what we get in return? You go all fucking Darth vader and flip on us? no sir...not like that....not while im still fucking breathing...you will be brought to justice. even if i have to die trying....

*Matthias would lean his head back and smile ear to ear about the days happenings. The sack full of leather and meat from a fresh hunt, the young, now snoring little girl, North. He would think about his dearest friend Charlie, and all of his remaining compatriots....he would think about a quiet summer sunrise, while sitting on his front porch, in a beautifully handmade wooden rocking chair, with that last minute but satisfying creek. He would reminisce on the time before the outbreak...a time where everything wasn't total chaos....*

*His eyes would fire open as a distant gunshot rang out..... it wasn't the old days...this was present day, hell on earth, and he had his own piece...Matthias would shake his head, as if he was shaking off an annoying fly or cringing at some rotten smell......he would pick up his radio and press the PTT once more in a softer tone, being mindful of the young girl sleeping next to him*

*The situation is hopeless Santiago. There are more people looking for you than i could probably name by memory, and that is saying alot, seeing as my eyes and ears are starting to fail me.  You can't run forever.....you can't hide forever....you will be found, by myself, or some other douchebag out there looking for a quick buck and an ego to grow..."

*Matthias would hear North start to stir, he shambled to his feet, walk off into the woods a little ways. He propped himself up on a tree, keeping his weight off his wounded leg, patting it tenderly. Grasping his radio once more he pressed the PTT*

"How about this....you make it super easy on myself and your once proclaimed friends, and just off yourself now....that'll spare us the rope, bullets, and whatever else people want to do you in with...it would be just a treat if you could do that for us so we can move on and get the

 *he air quotes*

 "Government" off our backs and on to important matters, like trade routes, resupplying the people in chernarus, and maybe make a GODDAMN DIFFERENCE HERE!!!!

*His voice would almost raise to a shout.....he catches his breath for a moment....*

"These "Government" boys want you real bad...really bad. In fact they have a real hard on for us. Matter of fact Santiago this guy louie hates me so fucking much he wanted to slaughter all of us not 8 hours ago because i got lippy with him. Because of you, because people LIKE you feed them bullshit and lies about people like me, to taint names, and ruin lives. I will have justice, Ace will have justice, Charlie, North, Scout....EVERYONE WILL HAVE IT!!! So i welcome you to turn yourself in at anytime..."

*One last pause*

"I'm so goddamn tired of all the chaos in the world....all i want before i die is to find a place i can call home, instead of looking over my fucking shoulder all the goddamn time, because people can't let shit fucking go...I tried fighting for people's freedoms...i got shot in the back....i tried clearing friends from bad situations...i was shot in the back....So if i have to finally die so my REMAINING friends can live in peace i will do so in a fucking heart beat.

*Matthias' voice would deepen and he would talk clearly and firm into the radio*


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