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Guest Dr. Ogen

A "hello"-Thread, which isn't one

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Guest Dr. Ogen

I welcome myself in this strange world!

// I didn't want to say "hello", while I didn't know if I will have the chance to play or not :x

My eyes are opening. My head hurts. All this time... How long have I been passed out?

// I got accepted, if I hadn't, my character would have died due to his morphineabuse :D

It is bright day. The sunshine is burning into my eyes. I need to get up...

It feels like if I was passed out since yesterdays evening.

I am feeling cold. I need to find an injector...

I can remember, how I came here...

What happened before I fell unconcious...

// http://pastebin.com/eAXfAtSQ <--- my background, if you want to read it, feel free to do so :)

But why am I at the shore?

I can't remember a beachparty of any kind...

A picture flashes in front of my eyes...

It looks like a mutant of some sort...

My demons... the living flesh... have they become reality? Am I loosing it?

The picture remains in my head, slowly fading.

I see people wandering about in the distance...

They walk strangly, wobbling...

It must be me. My mind is playing tricks on me again.

I need to find someone, who can hook me up...

I need to. My mind is too fuzzy to see clearly, what I should do next.

// in short: Hi guys, I just got accepted and hope to see/meet you in the Wastelands! :)

// If you meet my character, you might keep in mind, that he is loosing his grip on reality.

// He might panic, if you try to rob him of his freedom of movement and/or speech, as he is driven by his will to fight his inner demons (not people, as he has seen enough men die in his life) for the time being.

// We will see, how his story will progress, the more he learns about

// how Chernarus and his survivors live/interact together and

// if he can find a gap of his own, in which he fits :)

// Now finally to some Installation and jumping into RP, see you guys there :>

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