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Diary of Doctor Krov

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Day 1 - Landing...

They Lied... They said the para drop into the middle of the infection zone would be, simple, fast, and unnoticed. As soon as we jumped it all went wrong and scattered around the terrain we will struggle to reform.

It is night, seemingly the best time to be dropped into a new land when you're with comrades, but separated in this environment with these beast roaming everywhere is less than comforting. I have decided to find shelter this night and look for my team in the day, hopefully the walking corpses will take shelter from the light, they always do in the books....

Walking around this expanse I can see the coastline, my target for the morning, and if the others do the same we will meet up soon enough however if they were dropped much more inland I have realized I may never see them again. Losing the crate carrying all of our equipment has been the worst part of this night, thirsty, hungry and weaponless i have nothing, not even a map, but i have found shelter in this outhouse at least. I must sleep, even if its for a few hours, then I will make my way to the coast and find them.

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