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To Destiny [Open Freq]

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*A unknown Slavic-accented voice appears on the radio, well masked by the static sound and background noises*

So much drama around the name Destiny. You are quite the infamous person. I am not afraid to meet you face to face, alone. I have a very good deal to offer you, considering most of South Zagoria are your enemies now. Offer a private frequency if you wish, but most importantly consider my offer. At this point, it is very recommended you do not make more enemies.

*The voice disappears and only static is left for a split second, before silence steps in*

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*She would finish dumping cleaning alcohol on her wounds, screaming in pain before hearing the man speak on the radio.*

*She would grit her teeth as she speaks.*

I am willing to hear your offer...

I never deny someone an opportunity to be heard.

Give me your private radio frequency before we speak of anything. 


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*The static appears and breaks within the second, with only a few numbers being said with a unknown Slavic accent*


*The radio waves go completely silent*

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