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Broadcast to Destiny

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Santiago would sit in town trying to get the really annoying couple next to him to shut up before broadcasting his message. He'd lower his voice and begin transmitting hoping she'd hear

"Destiny, this is Mr. Black, I need that thing you took from Ace back. It's very important to her and to me, and I've been paid to collect. I expect it to be returned to me in 24 hours in the same condition you took it in. Or else I will be collecting the value of it in blood, screams, and pain."

In the background you can hear him clear his throat and scream in-coherently in portuguese at someone.

"Time starts now Destiny, sleep well."

The radio cuts off and goes silent


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Ah... Mr.Black good to hear from you again. I currently have your payment from the time we've recently spent together. I was unfortunately shot repeatedly by some dumb cunt and I was unable to do anything for a while in order to attend to my wounds.

I see a little birdie thought she could attempt to pull a fast one on me. As per usual, she has failed and will continue to do so.

I have extra payment for you as well that is especially worth your while. In exchange for the extra payment, I would like to pay off your current mission.

Both payments, as well as the very important item is currently buried six feet under, if anything happens to me... All will be lost.

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