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A Cannibal's Left Overs

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~A staticy broadcast would come over the radios and a voice that may sound similar to some would come through the static~

This is warning to those who can hear this broadcast... Some rather odd individuals have been leaving... less than savory items of questionable origins in stashes around the south of the province it seems... Me and my employees came back to our town to find that some sick bastards had stashed a baggy of some strange ass meat and a couple of those creepy ass Halloween masks in the area around our little outpost...  

~The static would clear up just enough to where the sound of people talking casually about random things and the short scream of a kettle in the back ground~

I would highly advise that those who can hear this go over your stashes with a fine tooth comb and make sure that these individuals have not done to the same to your stashes... 

~Before the signal cuts off the voice could be heard saying faintly "Why does have to be my little place..." along with a faint sigh~

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"Where are these outposts you speak of? Perhaps if we knew the location, we would do us good and stay away from it?"

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*She would speak with a southern accent.*

Not sure if you heard the radio broadcast or not but Calandra openly admitted on all frequencies that she was a cannibal and wears a clown mask.

Just a hunch...

Also, did you find a bright green armband among the other things? Her people took an armband of that color from one of her own barrels that had some suspicious "meat" in it, in an attempt to get me killed.

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-The man's voice on the radio would come back through the radio to respond to the people over the frequency-

-The voice would first respond to the woman's voice-

No arm bands were found on the grounds of the compound... However who ever did this left behind 7.62 ammunition and the few weapons in the compounds storage... This came off as deliberate like someone was trying to frame my boys and me or pass the heat on to some one else... As far as it being Cal... I know her... she is a sick puppy but... me and her have a history so I do not think that she would do something like that... but... that being said I can not say who would do this... The only calling card left was red and white mask in one container and a pink and white one in another...

-A sigh could be heard coming over the radio before the voice responds to the man-

The little out post we manage is around the green mountain area but will be shut down for a few days while we try and get more supplies together, get our generator working, and investigate the source of these... left overs... but if I am being honest... I have been hearing over the radio that there are nut jobs in the north and central parts of the province running around... Not really any part of the province it safe any more... 

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*Cal hears Tivian's voice over the radio and speaks in a soft tone as she presses down the radio button.*

I know that you guys settled there and I wouldn't do that. I don't have any secret stashes in general. I am always wearing the same mask at all time. So there is that. 

And thank you Tiv. I have no reason to do such a thing. 

*She smirks a bit before she continues*

Sadly there are enough people who frame other people... I know from experience sadly.

I hope you guys catch whoever did it. When I hear something I will let you guys know.

Be safe.

*She drops the radio into her pocket again.*

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