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Greg's Journal

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//Just wanted to get this out tonight. I'll be editing it more tomorrow. Hope you enjoy. My first time doing something like this so any criticism is welcome. Also if someone could tell me how to do hidden content that would be great. Thanks.

Day 1 

I figured it would be fitting to visit my home first after being in the cave so long, so I stopped in Svet. It was an eerie feeling being there in the morning fog with the sound of undead assholes in background. Seeing my house destroyed. Let's just say it left my stomach unsettled. There was an undead in the front, and not going to lie I blacked out for a split second and when I came to. Let's just say the fucker was unrecognizable. I mean fuck they're the reason my family isn't with me right now... That's not true, but it makes me feel better. After recomposing myself I decided to head out and start looking for my family. I decided to start the search in Severograd considering that's where my kids went to school. Unfortunately that didn't pan out. As I was leaving I heard gunshots coming from the town and saw one of the undead drop about 100 yards from me. I was freaking out. I guess after close to year of no human interaction you could say I was a little skittish about running into someone, so I booked it into the woods trying to remain unseen until I got to the next town where I stopped for a drink. Well I guess I didn't remain hidden well enough because they found me. Some guy named Bor I think he said his name was. Fuck I'm bad at remembering peoples names. He had a buddy who was a mute or something. They told me they were from a pretty secluded group of people, so I figured they wouldn't have an idea about Lisa or the kids. I said goodbye to them and kept moving on. The amount of undead fucks around this place is ridiculous. I killed probably 20 of them today alone. I managed to make it to Grishino before passing out from exhaustion. When I woke up I learned there was some kind of traders camp or just shit ton of tents in the center of town. Not seeing anyone around I decided to keep on moving down to a town called Kabinino where I ran into a woman. She seemed to have a pretty smart head on her shoulders so I figured I'd roll with her a bit see if I could learn a bit. We met up with some of her "friends" I guess and headed back to Grishino. we found some people at that camp. One of the fuckers hidden in a tent got so scared when we started talking to a guy up on top of the police building. It was actually really amusing. We left them and headed to the Northwest airfield so the other people could find some ammunition or anything useful I guess. After that we headed up North and scavenged in some of the towns. After that we decided to settle down for the night. I wasn't complaining running all day tuckered me out real fast. Lisa if you somehow find this.. If you're still alive I guess, just know I'm looking for you and I'm not going to give up. God I hope I find you soon. I love you sweetheart. I'll be going South tomorrow to keep looking for you.



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