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To Louie and friends

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*John press down the ptt and speaks from his camp* 

Hey Louie it's Cosmo


I wanna invite you and your boys to my camp I need to talk to you guys about some stuff. Reach out to me on my private frequency at 126.78


*John releases the PTT and goes back to trying to start a fire*


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Evelina picks up her radio, a Chernarussian accent picking up over the waves. 

"Not so private now, you fucking moron... I also wish to speak to you, Louie. I hear you stabbed someone I am close to as he was trying to make a deal. What happened?"

She releases the button.

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*Louie picks up the radio and speaks*

"Uhm I am not sure who you are talking about I stab a lot of people"

"I am in Lopatino right now"

*Louie releases the PTT*

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