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Trouble hearing someone outside a car

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Just wondering if when you're inside a car do you find it hard to hear someone outside, whether in third person or first person.

Had someone that I presume was trying to rob us because I ended up dead and I could only just hear him but couldn't make out a single word. He was only a few meters from the car.

Vehicle chat also seems to have the audio coming from the wrong direction. I'm hearing the driver in the back right of the car, and not very loud.

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A lot of factors play roles in hearing when using the Arma2 engine.

It was designed to be realistic. So if a bandit shouts at your URAL driving at full speed from being a wall you won't be able to hear it, because in real life you wouldn't be able to hear it.

That's why I always keep wishing they would use initiation text.

text always works, and gets their attention.

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Voice chat in arma was designed to aproximately by as realistic as possible. It supports directional sound, and influence on it's volume over distance and obstacles in sound wave's path.

If you were driving a car and somebody tried to rob you using voice but with no ingame means to stop you/slow down then he pretty much screwed up. Robbing without some sort of roadblock on speeding vehicles often (depends on circumstances) is punishable offence.

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Well our driver decided to stop anyway. Oh well, shit happens. At least I've died to a person now and not just suicide and zombies haha

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