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Hello [Open Freq]

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*Sitting at a table, the man rummages through his backpack looking to see if he picked up a radio along his travels. He finds the radio in the bottom of the bag. Turns it on, smacks it a couple times and begins transmitting.*

Uhh... Hello... Is this thing on?. Fucking hope so. Anyway, Hello! My name is Greg. I uh don't really know why I'm talking on here I guess I was just bored and figured a little conversation never hurt no one. Uhmm... So. I haven't really been around... Basically living in a mine since this whole thing started, but ya know food runs out and I need to find if people I knew before are still alive. Anyway I guess the big question is where to avoid, and who to avoid? I'm not wanting any trouble with anyone, I just want to live out the rest of my days and get answers to the questions I have. A second less important question I guess is where people are... In a broad term I guess. I don't want to be living out here and get cabin fever ya' know?. It'd be nice to make some acquaintances and shit like that. Anyway, sorry for rambling. Have a good one.

*He stops transmitting and sets the radio down on the table to listen. He pulls out a can of tuna and begins eating.*

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                                                                                          *hearing the radio traffic Dovin walks over to his radio he had set down*

Hello Greg you sure picked an interesting time to crawl out your mine things on topside are hectic as of late. There a currently a few groups that a struggling for what little remians of this shattered and war tore country. If you are looking for some nice people look for a man named Leo Wong in Lopatino he is a trader. Also there is another trading post in Grishino. I myself usually go between the two towns often to supply and trade with the folks there. If you come across people with red and or blue are band be polite and kind and watch you're tone around them if you have some need of medical aid feel free to radio me and i will see what i can do for you. I wish you the best in these times.

                                                                                                  *Dovin stops transmitting and goes back to relaxing in the shade*

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*Having dozed off from a nap, the man is awoken by the voice on the radio. He wakes him self up and begins transmitting*

Well it's nice to meet you. Thanks for the info I will keep that in mind. Hope to see you around some time... Hopefully not because I need medical aid.

*He chuckles and then the radio goes silent*

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