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Another "Hello" thread. :)

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I don't speak French, I just like to pretend I do; though I guess that's the whole thing about roleplay.

Just wanted to take a moment to say hello to the community you fellas have got here, a little out of courtesy but mostly out of requirement, (Honesty is a virtue :P) and in that spirit, hello! I'm looking forward to joining the lot of you, of course that is with circumstances allowing that I don't end up being one of the 21-23% I see on average being kicked to the curb. I've had a few good years of roleplay experience, though I admit as of lately pickings have gone slim. If anyone could help me out and pass me the application for the whitelist I would be endeared to ya'. I realize it is currently closed, but I figure filling it out and considering a possible character would keep me occupied for a good while.

I won't ramble, even though I guess I might have already, so I guess it'd probably be best if I brought this drawn-out salutation to a close.


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Guest Alfie

Hello and welcome ;D! Good luck on your white list buddy, I'm not good at them so I can't help ;D! Good luck and I hope to meet you again ;D!

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Sure, I guess I can throw something at you in the way of character info. While it might not be the most creative way of doing things, I'll put it in a "form" sort of organizational pattern, if only for time efficiency. (And to keep myself from typing up ten paragraphs of shyte.)

Name: Jasper Perilloux, "Lou",

Age: Thirty Years Young

Sex: Male

Nationality: Perpignan, France

Employ: Ornithologist (The study of Avian Species)

Marriage or Children: N/A

Description: Jasper is like and unlike many in his field of work, always traveling from place to place, country to country, state to state, in search of whatever species of bird might be on the cover of "Bird-Bonkers", or any other published work that might happen to have anything to do with feathers. He grew up in what could only be described as the most relaxed of livings, having been blessed with two loving middle-class parents and a pup named "Dio."

He dabbled in photography for a short while before soon becoming fascinated with animals, most notably birds, followed close behind by insects and many-an-arachnid. It wasn't long before the five-foot-eleven Frenchman hopped on his first plane and was sent by sky to the vast United States of America. He quickly picked up English, struck it big with the locals and their fascination with his particularly thick accent, took out a loan, and began scouring the world for all manners of avians, picking up a few tricks and "know-hows" along the way.

As fate would decide he soon found himself touching down into the little-known Cherno-Russia. The political situation in Chernarus didn't bother him in the slightest - what he didn't expect was for the world to come tumbling down all around him while he, as is common for him, was hunting endlessly for the ever elusive Kuki-pop Ibis. To this day, despite the raging apocalypse, Jasper's search for the bird continues, ending only when a bullet has been put in his baguette loving head, or the dead happen to tear him limb from limb.

As a side-note: Jasper suffers from a mild case of Hemophilia and in the world of the apocalypse struggles to seek the medication he so desperately requires. I figured it'd add a bit more serious conflict to the character, as opposed to just searching for some fruity bird. :P

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Guest Astycc

Woah! This thing is old! :D

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Haha, damned straight. I'm surprised someone besides me was looking back this far. :P

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Well I wasn't around when you joined so I think I'll take this opportunity to say welcome.

So... Welcome! :)

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Bonjour et bienvenu j'espère que tu vas t'amuser ici.

Did I mention I have fully studied 5 languages and that I never told you welcome so..

PS: Translation : Hello and welcome I hope that you will enjou yourself here :D

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