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Big delay in-game

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I'm getting a solid 4 second delay in pretty much any action. Only recently it's become a big issue, previously there was a maximum of about 2 second delay when internet was bad. I understand that I'm in Australia, but only recently has this delay come into effect. I was able to play previously without the delay.



Does anybody know how I could fix this?

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FeelsAustraliaMan, same thing happening to me. 😞

US Server would be way better for us Aussies and Kiwis.

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do you have admin access to your router? the only thing i can suggest is setting QoS settings to favour your bandwidth first over other devices on your network. other than that, no other way to fix or improve your connection to the server, which is the cause of this issue. 

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This is all server sided along with your ping not really much you can do about it.
If the server is unstable or you have high ping you get massive amounts of desync.

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