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the creation of "sideline"

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“Let me tell you of my first home.” Wheeze the old man “I’m not the grandfather you think I am as I don’t have any family or any mother.” “Yet I have a father… if you can call him such.” His one of his eyes was dark and inhuman. The other chimed with the sounds of clockwork. His mind and soul clouded with the horrors that science can inflict on some one.”

“It was dark quiet night. Shadows slowly creep up the stone walls as an organ plays quietly in the background. The floor trembles as untold horrors and experiment try to free themselves from there prison. Spiders with 12 legs crawl over the walls and mutated skeletons in shackles hang from the walls with worms coming from there mouths. The room was warm and damp. A single green light hung from the ceiling. This is the room I was in for the first ten years of my life was spent… I remember I was happy when the hatch opened when he came to check on me and made the light sway back and forth… or when the snails tickled my feet!” the old man smiles at the thought and wiggles his toes in glee. “I was never sad about being chained up to that room the man with the eye was always kind and he took care of me… I knew nothing of the out side or the sun, just him and the snails.

“Then one day he came down to me and unlocked my hands and left the hatch open…HA! Its almost as I didn’t want to leave I spent three days looking at it and the odd warm glow that spilled out like a snail come out of his shell. After some time I slowly move toward the hatch and poked my head out… The halls of that evil place have torn paintings drooping in odd angles. Displays show busts of famous scientists and extinct monsters from another time. Down the hall the organs sounds louder with a rithem that chills the bones. as I crawled down the hall after the sound hoping to find my care taker. Then it stopped. The sounds stopped. All of them not even to sound the monsters below. Silence Purer than any thing on earth.

Then foot steps. It took a bit to register in my mind; after all I just learned to move properly… the sound was the clickity clack of the man’s shoes. At first I was excited to see him after being alone for so long. Then it hit me that he might be angry to see me out of the room. But no … he came around the corner looked at me and blinked as if some one just shouted at him. Then he walked over flashed a light in my eye and checked my arms, then just walked away with a hysterical smile on his face. This bothered me so I fallowed him quietly. After some time he reached a huge shining door and I watched as he slowly opened the door and it blinded me with a light so bright and warm I writhed in pain as my eyes burned and skin was torched. I quickly ducked behind the corner, retreated to the darkness and clawed at my face futilely trying to remove what I’ve just seen. Soon after the man had me in a new room that over the next month slowly got brighter. When the man came and got me out of there it was pitch black but I knew that I was here before because the floor felt familiar and the sounds had a familiar ring, I was heading for the door… as soon as I know this it tried to fight going there but the man was much stronger. Then FLASH! The door burst open and I flinched preparing for my death. But It never came I laid there in a ball not moving fearing the light. As soon as I knew that I wasn’t being hurt I open my eyes and looked around. It was green! Not the dull color of my room but bright and luminous! And the sky! Bluer than any thing I’ve ever seen! Then man smiled and spoke to me for the first time… I didn’t know what it meant at the moment but I’ll remember it forever. “Happy birth day my creation” and the man tossed me a bag slammed the doors shut to his castle.

I never found the building agen nor do I believe any one will… the man with the clockwork eye he made me. His first success at making a true human in a lab.

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