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Hey Guys

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Hey everyone, my name is Drake and I would like to join the community the next time the white-list is up since I was 85 characters short on the "about you" and missed the time by about 1 minute.

Here is my background of my character, reviews would be nice!

My name is Anthony Miller, I am the son of Sargent Paul Miller of the US Army. My mother's name is Nicole Miller, and my little sister is Danielle. I am a 16 year old male from the Unites states of America, and I one day had planned on Joining the US Air force ParaRescue division. But that is no longer going to happen...

My dad was transferred to the "northwest airfield army base" in a section of Russia called Chernarus. My family and I decided to accompany him and live on base with the other military families. The reason he was moved there was because there apparently some civil unrest in the country, and a civil war was about to brew, so he and his division where there to help keep the peace between the citizens and the government. After about 3 years there, we were about ready to go back to the states. The civil unrest had died down, and the government seemed to have been complying. My dad planned on laying back and having some time to himself for once, my mom just wanted to get back to her family, and my sister just wanted to see some boy she had a thing with or something. Me, I just wanted to get through high school and go to west point academy. I had already been accept to my exemplary grades, here is what they were if i remember correctly:

Math: A

Science: A-

Psychology: B+

Human Anatomy: A+

College Health II: A

World History: A-

English: A

Spanish 3: B+

As you could see, I was ready to be a combat medic, you have to know a lot about the body, so you could help the downed men on the battlefield. So where was I? Oh yes.

Three days before we departed, 'IT' happened. The government dropped chemical-nuclear bombs over Chernarus, infecting the population. We and the rest of the families where evacuated immediately by Chinook helicopters. My Mother and sister where put on Chinook #1, while my father and I stayed back and helped get people out of there. We both departed on Chinook #3.

Everything was going smoothly, Chinook #1 and #2 had waited in formation while Chinook #3 caught up. We were in a triangle formation with #1 at the point, and #2 to our right. We were almost to the aircraft carrier where we were to be dropped off was only 50 clicks from our position. Then everything went to hell.

A jet marked with a Russian flag followed up behind us and fired two rockets, hitting Chinook #2 twice, disintegrating it instantly. It then fired its machine guns at Chinook #1 blowing out its engine. I Watched as my mother and sister fell to the ground in their metal trap, as they and everyone else inside, hit the ground with a large explosion. The jet then fired upon us, taking out rear main rotor assembly. We began to spin and lose control, as we fell towards the icy water of the Chernarus coast. The jet then broke formation and flew away, towards the northeast where it had come from.

We continued to fall to the ground. I could hear the pilot and co-pilot yelling at us to brace yourself. I looked at my dad and mouthed "I love you" and he mouthed back "I love you too". We both made the sign of the cross and held each others hands as hard as we could, then we hit the water and I blacked out.

I woke up on the shoreline slightly dazed, but i remembered everything. There was no one else around, i scanned all around but still found no one. I sat down, and looked at the smoke in the distance, 'Did dad survive?' i asked my self. Though I knew in my heart the answer was no.


What was that?! I turned around and saw him. He was deformed, had grey skin, and had all white eyes. He looked human, but there was no life in him. He started to walk towards me, arms outstretched. I began to run. As I ran away he followed me, still moaning with his arms outstretched. I crested a small hill and saw the body of a man on the beach. It was my dad's friend, Lt. Jim. I ran to him and checked for a pulse, my pursuer was still behind me but at a distance. I felt no heart beat, he was did. My pursuer was closer now, I drew Jim's side arm and shot the man-thing in the chest. He didn't yield. I shot him once more but it had no effect on him. Finally I shot him in the head and he went down.

I don't know whats going on, or what the thing was. But all I know is that whoever had created this, also killed my family. I don't know where to go from here. But I will find and kill the man who did this.

Mark. My. Words.

Let me know what you guys think!

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