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Anyone out there?

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*After a long exhausting run, she finds shelter in a small cabin in some woods. She takes out the new friend she had collected to add to her collection, the head of a man who tried to touch her and lead her into danger, she looks down at the severed head. wondering what to name this one and wonder if he would like her tea party? she smiles at her work of beauty and wipes her blood covered hands over her dress, she reaches into her bag and pulls out the radio she had found earlier, she turns it on and flicks through channels, with little hope of hearing from anyone she takes a deep breath and hopes for the best...... she presses the PTT*


''anyone out there?....hello?''


*She pauses for a moment, waiting for a response not releasing the PTT*


''stupid thing,  does this even work... Hellllllllllo? earth to anyone alive out there?  I've been separated from someone and I'm really lost. I need some help, I saw a sign I cant read what it says but it looks like it says bblop''


*a childish giggle is heard from what appears to be a young lady*


''I need food and I need medical assistance I was attacked by a man, he hurt me pretty bad. please if someone can hear this I will be here in this town waiting it out, waiting for these horrible smelly growly things to disappear''


*She lowers the radio and smiles to herself looking at the cuts and injuries to her arms and legs she quickly  puts radio to her mouth and puts the sweetest voice she could on*


''oh... my name is Louella, Louella Ray, please respond if you can hear me''


The sound of the girl humming the jungle books bare necessities is heard before the transmission falls silent*


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*Luke hears the transmission. Going back and forth whether he should respond he finally decides to do so. He holds the PTT*

Names Luke, Nice to meet you. People are out there although always be careful you don't know how people act these days. You need help I can give you that. I won't come running to you if you expect that I don't trust a lot of people these days. You're lost and gonna need to find your own way in this world. Look for buildings and major cities that might help you. Contact me if you find out where you are and I'll give you a location where we can meet. If you want to take that offer or not is up to you.

*He sighs and let's go of the PTT. He then slides his radio back into his pocket.

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*Dimitri picks up his radio and holds down the ppt*

Hello there little girl I am Private Dimitri Popov with the Svoboda Movement. I have my own children back home. Contact me on frequency 111.9 for more details and we can work something out. Otherwise I am here to help with you come up to the giant radio tower and I will help you out little one.

*Dimitri puts down his radio and releases his ppt*

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*Kazimir laughs uncontrollably, crying a bit. He wipes his eyes and takes out his radio. He changes his tone and speaks in his thick Russian accent as he holds down the PTT.*

"Little girly, trust me when I say. Don't listen to Dimitri, the green huggable dinosaur. This Рядово́й wouldn't know difference between a Kalashnikov and a fucking kiwi. Hell, can't even take care of himself, while the Black Roses are using those two bullet wounds as glory holes. Also, thanks for giving location and two, good job sounding like you are about ready to teach her the arts of your private molestation. I would recommend going to Stary Yar, there are people who actually protect, not people who would probably pour Cyanide into a wound thinking it's a saline. Да свиланя, Дебиль."

*The transmissions goes quiet.

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A straightforward simulcast, Chernarussian.

Go to Stary Yar.

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*Aleister paced the small room he was currently confined in. Peeking outside waiting for the wolves to move on. In his right hand he held a pink teddy bear, very worse for wear, and looking a bit too squishy to be filled with stuffing. He held the bear up to his ear, wiggling it's head in a secret talking gesture.*

"Yes, yes I know what happened last time, but damnit, Mr Gutsy, we are pretty much fucking lost where we are now." *Aleister argued to the bear,  looking into it's black beady eyes as he spoke. Once again the bear's head wobbled.*

"They are telling her to go where he said we were going. We can find him again. The Lord shall have such a tremendous sacrifice." *The bear's head nodded rather vigorously. Setting the bear down, Aleister wiped his hand on his pants before picking up his radio, and pressing the button on the side. A softly spoken, if rather posh sounding, English voice taking over the airwaves.*

"Delta Niner this is fancy foxtrot big wheeler one niner two six three eitght ten ... um sixty three and a half... What do you mean get on with it? I'm doing the radio thing from the movies. .... Cause you just gotta. Geez.... Um.. hello? I'm Aleis... Wait.. What? Oh yes good idea. I'm Al um Alan. Yes, yes, that's right. I.. I um hear you are going to that stary place. With the people there... Um I am going there too. But am a bit lost myself .... Thanks to him. Leaving me stranded there just becau.... Huh? Oh yes, yes, quite right."

*Outside the cabin a wolf, growled, jumping on an infected individual, pinning the zombified man to the wall of the cabin. The cries of the infected and the pounding of the fight against the wall causing a distraction. Aleister pounded his fist against the wall.*

"SHUT UP! I'm on the PHONE!" *He yelled, still with the PTT button depressed.*

"So um we.. that is, you and I... well us together can find this place and maybe not get quite so lost and dead.... Yes, that should do...." *The airwaves returned to static 

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*She looks down, slightly shocked to hear voices of others, she lifts the radio to her lips while twiddling the hair of the severed head, smiling to herself she lifts the radio to her mouth and presses the PTT*


''Hello all, thank you so much for responding to me, so I guess this stary place is where I should head too huh?''


She pauses for a moment, then begins to speak again.


''thing is I have no idea where this place may be but I shall certainly be going on a journey to find it. Is the radio tower the place, I believe I saw that I will head there and will wait for you mister Dimitri and mister luke''


knowing that she has a long journey ahead she releases the PTT and packs up her belongings looks at the head whispers to it giving it the name Norman and telling it they off to find a home. and she heads out of cabin towards the tower.


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