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A message to Doris

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While the sun is going up, John decides to play around his Radio and finally understands how it works. He starts shaking not in fear but in excitement. He pushes the PTT.

" Hello does anyone read me ? I do not know if this is actually working. Anyway here goes nothing. "

He pauses for a moment taking a deep breath ready to make his announcement.

" Doris, this is John. I have been looking all over for you, but I still have not found you. I wandered through cities towns and villages. I survived the weather, the infected and any threats."

His voice starts to break

" In hope of finding you "

He takes a moment to ready himself

" I love you and I will always love you. Remember that. You are my cheese to my cheeseburger, that is what you always said to me "

He stops and looks around enjoying the sun shining upon his face, the warmth comforts him

" If you hear this try and contact me or try to go to a settlement I will find you even if I have to wander back and forth through hell." 

His voice breaks and tears start rolling down his cheeks

" You are my baby and I will always love you "

You can hear him crying while he lets go of the PTT

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