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Cant Find Passphrase

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I don't think its allowed to post the rules with the passphrase in it on the forum.
I can assure you that the passphrase is in the rule section, I found it after 15 seconds.
-SNIP- And take your time with it.
Nobody is allowed to help you find it en say it to you. You need to do it on your own.

Good luck!


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Passphrase hint - Please don't do that.

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There is a stickied thread in the questions topic that says READ BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION you probably should read that before asking questions. If you did read it, you might have missed this part:


If you have questions about whitelist application or rules please do not create a thread, instead contact a Support member on our TeamSpeak helpdesk or through PM.

Do not post the rules, or anything specific to your passphrase in the questions or any other forum. I hope this helps you:


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