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Kriss Blade

An Anarchist Goodbye from the Moretti's [Open Freq.]

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*Kriss sighs happily in Don Moretti's office with the sound of a small crowd and vehicle engines can be heard in the background, looking outside the office doors after pressing down on his radio's PTT*

"This message is for the Anarchist's and those that hear it. The Moretti's wish them safe travels on their trip up to Russia. The people here are also wishing them farewell as they are taking off in the few vehicles we managed to scavenge up for their journey. This does mean we will have lower activity in the town, but this does not mean people are not welcome. The town is still open to all and the festivities on the weekends will be available to the public."

*He smiles as he waves his hand at Loui and Fyodr as they board their truck, seeing them drive off down the road towards the border*

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