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A Farewell... For Now

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*Everest sits by the old dirt bikes with Ian as Ian checks their gear. Everest pulls out his old radio setup to make a final broadcast before they drive off into the Russian wild. He presses the PTT and begins to speak.*

"This goes out to to all of you assholes who thought you could win.

Moretti. Fixer. All of you little pseudo-anarchists. As well as anyone else who fucked us over and is still breathing.

You fucked up.

And we WILL be back...

Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not a month from now. Maybe not even a year from now.

But we will be back."

*He releases the PTT and hands the radio to Ian.*

*Ian takes the radio, then depresses the PTT.*

"I decided to go ahead and let Mr. Everest say what needed to be said, though in a much more explicit manner."

*He sighs.*

"Regardless, Mr. Everest and I are taking a little vacation for a while. I heard Russia is nice this time of year, and things have just been to hectic around here lately. Mr. Moretti, Mr. Fixer, please work on your security. I considered staying around for a couple days to humor you, but when I saw that there was quite literally no one watching, I decided to extract myself from your town. I do hope your entertainment night went well, and I do hope you understand."

"I work with people. Not for them. And respect is earned, not given. Perhaps if you had shown me some respect, Mr. Fixer, I would have done the same. But alas, we were long past that point of respect even before you 'volunteered' me to make the drugs I supposedly owe you. Which is another thing, the fact that you think I owe you a single thing is the height of arrogance. I don't owe you anything. I brought you Wes Carter and that more than paid off for things in my opinion. But you wanted more, and more. and more. Perhaps if you had listened to my offer, and let me go, we could have reached a mutually beneficial partnership. But instead you beat me, and threw me in a shed. You will never have what I offered now, and you have no one to blame but yourself. Have fun being Anarchy's hounds, but keep in mind what happens to dogs who go lame, or turn rabid, or simply get too old."

"Either way, as Mr. Everest said, this is our farewell to South Zagoria. For the time being, of course. I still have plenty of work to do here, but I would rather do it in a South Zagoria where I don't have to fear being held prisoner, or having a gun shoved against my head because I didn't show 'Don Corleone' the proper amount of respect."

"I will return. When? I am not quite sure. Probably when I have numbers on my side, my project is complete, the Anarchists have gotten themselves killed, the Famiglia have disintegrated, and things are generally more in my favor. Probably not for a while."

"For the few of you out there who will miss me, I apologize. It was either stay and be a prisoner, or run. So I ran."

*He pauses and looks up at the sky.*

"But, as much as I would love to continue talking, daylight is burning. This is my farewell to the masses of South Zagoria. But I will return. Someday."

"This is Ian Keith, signing off. I bid you adieu, Chernarus. I am a man of my word, and so when I say I will see you again, I truly mean it."

*He tapes down the PTT and props it against a rock before placing a tape recorder in front of it. He presses play, and footsteps can be heard trailing away from the radio. Two vehicle engines can be heard starting up in the background, then fading away into the distance as the song begins playing.*

*Once the song finishes, the tape recorder stops, and only the sounds of nature can be heard until the radio's battery finally dies, ending the transmission.*

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