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"Anarchy, we have hostages. Negotiate or we kill them."

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The sounds of battle rage around the radio broadcast. Intermittent gunfire from M4s, AKs, and sniper rifles creates an ambiance of war, furthered by ricochets and the shouts of the dead and dying.

"This is Captain Stepan Cernik of Svoboda. As of right now, Anarchy is laying siege to us in Lopatino Castle...*interrupted by a burst of gunfire and a shout in Chernarussian*..."We have four hostages. If anarchy refuses to negotiate we will begin executing each of them."

"We don't want to kill these people. But we will." 

*he moves the radio close to the hostages*

"this is, uhm, Anna Kovar...my husband and I are here, we are in good health -"

"What the hell?" *An axe smashes against the stone, narrowly missing Cernik's head.* 

"they're running for it!"

*more gunfire ensues*

"Die, you fucking cunt! .... Captain! They are down!"

"Fucking hell, okay, correction, we have two hostages. We shall see if these other two idiots survive surgery. Anyways...Anarchy, La Famiglia...if you want these people in good health we are willing to negotiate. Otherwise, we will continue to kill all of you as you attack our castle, and after that, we will continue to take more hostages. If you want peace, permanent peace, then come and negogiate.

Otherwise, this Kovar lady, her husband, and the two other hostages will be joining all the people your charging through this damn gate - in the ground.


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Meika would take her radio after being unable to sleep. She would sound tired. The 12 year old talks on the radio.

“Wait... So you’re like an army man too? And you want peace? But you’re going to kill people for peace?”

The girl sounds completely confused. 

“Is this how this works? Because Mrs Kovar is really nice, and so is Mr Kovar... and it’s not only Mr Spagetti and Anarchy that like them... a lot of people like them... sooo.... Uhm.... please don’t kill them.... I like having friends...”

She would put her radio down to go back to sleep again. Or try to at least.

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Fae was sat in the street of Stary Yar, gently prodding a fire with a stick to keep it from dying prematurely. A bottle of vodka lay beside her boot, half empty. She glanced at her radio as the commotion erupted, grabbing the device to hold it close to her ear. A frown appeared on her face, and she immediately pushed the PTT button to reply. 

"You speak of peace through violent means, which is no peace at all. I think what you desire is for Anarchy to step down so you can sit on top.
You just announced you'd willingly slaughter innocents to 'negotiate peace' with Anarchy. That isn't peace, you absolute fuckwit.
I know Ms Kovar personally, she's done nothing to provoke any kind of hostilities from anyone
, in fact, she's done more to help the people of this country than your idiotic group has ever.
Killing her would piss off more than just Anarchy.

Murdering civvies to get what you want? If that's your work ethic, do everyone a favour and give your pistol a blowjob.
Trust me, it'd be a lot less painful than what Anarchy will do to you.
Though, the embassy could do with a few more decorative severed heads..."

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**Bosno picks up his radio and responds to Fae.

"Stop running your mouth. All the man asked is for the thugs to stop trying to kill him and his men, so he can talk terms. Can you hear the fight going on? The lives of his own men are at stake-- he said he was in a siege, didn't he? I was in the damned Chedaki war, and I know that one must do whatever it takes to protect his comrades. Do not act so high and mighty as if you would not kill someone to survive, or protect your friends. An officer must do what is necessary, but the fact that he offered to work out peace terms means he is trying to save far more than the lives than two, or three, or four hostages- he is trying to save everyone else that is going to get themselves killed in this stupid war. If he must put a bullet in those people, then more blood would be on the hands of the anarchist thugs."

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Fae let out a laugh, her thumb pushing the PTT button to broadcast her amusement. 

"Yeah, I've killed people to survive. But you see, they deserved it. And, I'm not the one crying for peace and taking innocents hostage.
This moron is sitting on the radio whining about how Anarchy is kicking his ass because he was stupid enough to pick a fight with them. 
Anarchy aren't
the ones threatening innocent civilians, you dumb fuck"

She paused, standing to kick the ashes of the fire before her to finally kill them.

"You've made your bed, now lay in it, asshole. Preferably with an axe lodged in your skull..."

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**Bosno shrugs at the words of the vulgar woman on the other end. Not that anybody could see him shrug.

"We don't know who will win yet. And well, I'm not sure who he has as hostages. You know one of the women, yes. She seems like a good soul, caught up in the wrong situation, for sure. But let me tell you; there are no 'innocent civilians' in this world anymore. This is the apocalypse, far worse than any war. Almost everyone still walking has killed. It is a shame she is being held now, but if she did not associate with anarchist thugs and gangsters, then I don't think she would have attracted the attention of these armed men in the first place. And trust me, if the Chedaki had her, she would be treated far worse than this."

**He huffs. "And can you stop swearing? There is a little girl on this channel."

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Chilling in Haven's makeshift radio room, Kent, who had just finished rolling a joint of homegrown, tunes into this frequency hearing it from the beginning*

*Frowning at the inconsistent nonsense and text book philosophy he holds down his PTT button*

*A gruff cockney accent is heard*

"FACKIN ELL... Wut is this shit? Cbeebies meets Saving private fackin Ryan? Leave it out, ya nought a mean?."

*The toke of a joint can be heard and he responds in a slightly higher tone*

"Bit of fackin advoice... Let the grown men talk their terms and stop interfering, or your people moight not see another day... These Chrushems sound pretty serious to me."

"Just Saying Loik"

*Felling better and most importantly entertained after his little rant, he continues to toke his joint, ready to get his head down for the night*


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7 hours ago, Swarx said:

 He huffs. "And can you stop swearing? There is a little girl on this channel."

Meika would notice the mention.

”Hi! Yeah! I’m still here! But like... the peace thingy majig... It was really calm and shizzle. And now like... this is kinda disrupting the calm and shizzle.
Dad told me I have to be nice so... Don’t hurt Mr or Mrs Kovar, I have a pack of biscuits and that weird green stuff that smells like cat wee if you want....
Annnnd... Like... again... they have more friends outside of Anarchy and Mr Spagetti’s group... but yeah... Don’t be mean! It doesn’t have to be like this! Cause I don’t want them hurt nor does anyone else but you guys.”

She pauses.

”Remember! Biscuits! And... and that weird herb green smoking stuff...

She would lower her head afterwards, groaning. Off the radio Meika/Blue mumbles, “Adults are dumb.”

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*Press PPT*

"Correction you have 1 hostage."

*Release PPT*

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*David would press the PTT down*

Woah, that’s a weird way to say “We surrender to Anarchy.”

*He would release the PTT.*

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Aleksei adjusted the bandaid on his arm, his right ear tingling from the large chunk missing that was now sewed.

"Imagine taking nicest person in all Chernarus.. An ethnic Chernarussian.. who is like mama bear... and threaten her life.. Maybe next time try take one of us hostage? Big man to take sweet lady and unarmed man.. then run with tail tucked to castle.. that could hardly hold."


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