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We're hiring [Open frequency]

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*Henry would place his gas mask on the table where all the lab equipment lays, and pulls out his radio, pushing hard down on the PTT*

*You would hear a thick, Australian accent and some bubbling going on in the background"

"Hello... uh, my name's Henry, we're looking for people who're interested in distributing something for us, rations and ammo will be provided*

*Henry would begin to speak, but the sound of some sort of science lab would overlay him*

"Please contact me on my private frequency if you're interested. Otherwise.. it would be a shame..."

*Before the radio cuts out you would hear a generator and some voices*

*Radio fades*


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*Henry is surprised to hear a response as he thought the frequency was dead and immediately pulls out his radio pushing on the PTT*

"We're trying to distribute 'Medicine'

*Henry would pause and load a mag into his Kalashnikov*

"Perhaps we could do some sort of.. business together ey?"

"Radio fades*

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