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"Where is everybody?" / SOS [Open frequency]

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The man speaks in Chernarussian, then repeats the same thing in slightly broken English. He switches around to different frequencies and tries to get a response.

"Hello? My name is Bosno, and I am in need of shelter, and other things. I am lost, and have not seen a soul in weeks. I only have a compass on me, so I must ask, what direction should I head in from Tulga/Тулга, if I want to encounter some other living folks? I can trade a few items if necessary. If you want to lead me into a trap, go ahead- I don't have much anyway."

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*A Chernarussian accent responds, similar to the original broadcast the speaker first speaks in fluent Chernarussian, followed by decent English.

Stay down south if you don't want to get shot by Chedaki scum - It's the civil war all over again except there's the dead walking about. Northern highway has been hijacked mostly by foreigners, criminals and bandits, so don't even bother going up there.

From your accent I'm assuming you're one of us - don't trust foreigners.


The south-eastern part of South Zagoria is empty because everyone's been through that area at least once, head west across the coastline and when you reach the western boarder of the Oblast head up to the local capital of Zelenogorsk. You should bump into one of us around there.

*The message comes to an abrupt stop.

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*A clearly American voice pops up over the airwaves as Holly holds the PTT button down to respond*

"Hello there, Holly here. The north is as the other man said, quite unfriendly. Zelenogorsk is probably a safer place to be, or even further south like Cherno or Electro perhaps. Still lots of supplies to be found around the southern coast."

*A few single shots can be heard in the background.*

"Whelp, sounds like we've made some undead friends. Best of luck to you, stay safe out there."

*The transmission cuts out as she releases the PTT*

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*A man cuts through immediately after the last transmission. He speaks in a thicker Russian like accent*

"If I were you, I would avoid any of those far northern areas until shit simmers down. Go find a nice spot you can fortify and be self sustainable at."

*A distant cough breaks through the background, the man continues* 

"Areas like North City are crazy with those nationalist boys running crazy. You'd have better luck shooting self in foot. Why not head towards «Горка»? 

*He releases the PTT, the transmission cutting out*

*He presses the PTT, cutting back in quickly*

"I never did answer question. You could head up to Stary Yar, implying you know location. There are people working hard up that way to keep it safe. They would be willing to help you.

*He releases the PTT, dialing out of the channel*

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Franklin throws on his Russian accent and presses down the PTT.

"I do not know what you talk about people."
"North is very friendly."
"You must be mistaken."

Franklin releases the PTT.

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Aleksei spoke over the radio in his blatant Southern Chernarussian accent.

"If you are thick-head idiot who don't accept fate of where we are- stay with the dumbass nationalist. But if smart and have basic people skills.. North is only place for protection."

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*The man speaks into the radio with a somewhat shrouded by static*

"I've met nothing but nice people up north. Most people I meet down south greet me with hostility."

" If I were you I'd come up north because, unlike the nationalists down south, we can keep you safe."

*the static fades into silence*

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The voice returns, speaking only in Chernarussian.

"I believed the communist lies once, and it got me and my family nowhere good. I will go down south."

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*A fiddling with the PTT could be heard, some strange words as a quiet female voice could be heard as Rubei attempted to get the radio to work. She wasn't used to this type of radio, having used a phone most her life.*

"Salut!.. Not seen a soul in Zagoria, Heard broadcast about something up Nord." 

*She seems to speak some english, but with a hint of an accent.*

"People were friendly there... good to see people again, poate..." 

*Her last word seemed a bit off, though crackling noise could be heard as she fumbled with the radio trying to hit the PTT.*

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Fae unclips her radio, apple in her other hand, switching through stations in an idle manner as she watched the people of Stary Yar go about their day. The faint chatter of voices drifted along the breeze, the occasional gunshot broke the air, but it barely fazed anyone in town. She took a bite of her apple as she listened to the broadcast, and pushed the PTT button firmly.

"I dunno what everyone is going on about, the north is the best place to be so far. Stary Yar is one of the safest cities at the moment if you can get up here. There's people, food, entertainment, booze... everything really"

She took another bite of her apple, stretching her legs out in front of her.

"Anyone who says otherwise is a fucking moron and have probably pissed off the wrong people.
 Come up here if you can and you'll be safe, providing you're not an idiot or something.


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