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Hello guys

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Hey guys, my name is Tyler and I have just submitted my application to be Whitelisted. I just wanted to get a feel for the community so post your character bios believe. I'd love to read about the characters on DayZRP.

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Guest z00

My name is Ajdin, i was a well known reporter back in Sweden. When the zombie outbreak first started my boss asked me if i wanted to go to Russia to do a report on a virus where people acted strange and suspiciously, naturally i said yes. I thought that would boost my career as in a reporter. I took the task in great pride thinking my boss finally trusted me and wanted me to report something big as this. I took the first flight to russia. I was still a long way from the city i was going to, So i hired a private helicopter so i could get there easy and fast. Unfortunentley we needed to stop and refill at a place called Cherno and that's when i realised this strange virus was an epidemic.

Zombies everywhere. Somehow i managed to escape from the zombies.

I have no food, no water and no guns. God have mercy on my soul...

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