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groovy chow

Alienation - Reflection

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The wind howls through the forest like wild dogs. The warm breeze pushes against Pavel's face, as if telling him not to go any further. His legs carry him to the edge of the cliff, looking down into the quarry. The sun sets, laying itself to sleep. A tear crawls along Pavel's face, flowing down the scars that line his cheek.
"This never gets easy. It never has been."
His words are obscured, as if the wind is shushing him. His legs give in to his weight, falling onto his knees. He collapses onto his hands, a small puddle reflecting the face of a stranger back at him. He takes in the sight of himself.
"Is this what I've become? Am I exactly like the others?"
Droplets fall into the puddle creating ripples across his reflection. His hand trails the scars left upon his face, smearing his tears along his cheek.
"I deserved these. A constant reminder of what I am inevitably becoming. No different than the rest of them!"
His eyes swell as he breaks down. Letting loose all of his emotions.
"I know what is coming. I know what must be done. But am I strong enough? Would I be able to look these demons in the face? The ugly truth."
Thoughts and reflections of his new home break through his mind.
"The disappointment from all those people. I cannot bear the thought..."
"Lesnitsky...I should have known.  I don't even know who to trust anymore. My closest friend, a brother to me, was even hiding his own demons."
His hand dips down into the cold puddle, reaching for the reflection. He sits still as the puddle flows off the side of the cliff, splashing against the bottom as if taunting him. He sits back against the stones, contemplating to himself.
"No. Not this time. I refuse to give up."
Pavel sits alone, watching as the sun slowly fades down behind the treeline. The rays of the sun break through the leaves, shining on top of Pavel.
"Hope. It's all we have left."
He continues to sob as the light fades away.
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