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Gathering Storm - [Lore Event Broadcast]

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*a voice with a Chernarussian accent could be heard*

"This is Colonel Evzen Dvorak of the Chernarussian Air Force. The Russian Aerospace forces have dropped some sort of device inside northern South Zagoria near the village of Stary Yar. We believe it is some sort of device designed to collect radio waves and broadcasts. There is evidence to suggest that they are moving more resources toward the Southern Military District for an operation inside South Zagoria. This needs to be stopped for the benefit of all survivors in the oblast, and for everybody else in Chernarus. Our jets will only be able to remain in the air until their aircraft return in full force, so we will continue to provide cover until that time comes. We need you to find this pod and bring it to us, without tampering with it in any significant manner. We have dropped leaflets with an Mi-17 giving a map of a rough search grid. Prime areas to check are the edge of clearings, small streams of water, and between pairs of trees according to our local source. It looks to be south-west of Stary Yar. You will be rewarded with a pallet of supplies of your choosing if you successfully complete this task. Hodně štěstí!"


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