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*Trey would be swirling a sealed bottle full of clear liquid in his hand. He smiles to himself and sets it down reaching for his radio from within one of his teddy bears. He presses the PTT. A calm monotone voice comes through*

Hello Sally... Sally Cooper. 

*There is a pause as he holds down the PTT. He continues.*

Sally - I hope you are well. I also hope you hear this. You don't know me but I'd very much like to see you. I just put to sleep an interesting teenager that claimed to know you. Not before he puked though.

*He looks at the bottle, picks it up, and swirls the clear liquid around*

I overheard you barely spoke English. I hope this isn't the case or you have a translator for I only know one language. 

I have one question for you - does "Patient one" sound familiar to you?

*He releases the PTT*

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