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groovy chow

Aircraft? Bombs? (Open Freq.)

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*Pavel sits alone in the dark cabin, dimly lit by a small candle next to him. He takes the radio into his hand, pressing on the PTT. Speaking in a Russian like accent.*

"I'm not sure if anybody else was danger close to those fucking explosions, but I would say it was some more presents from our neighboring country. Сука. Not the first time they've done this, ya?"

"The summer camp up by Severograd was nearly hit by whatever was going on, let me tell you it was a wake up call. Barely got people out in time, although the camp never got hit. Thankfully." 

"But don't worry, everything is still in working order and it is safe to come by camp. Although I won't be sleeping tonight. That's for sure."

"I definitely didn't piss myself...."

"Everybody stay safe. First we have those idiots break up a peaceful meeting, now we have bombs dropping right next to us."

"Just my fucking luck...."

*He releases the PTT as his voice fades* 


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