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Jono the giant

Richard black: life events

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rough upbringings: 


 Living in north london as a child was hard, it was rough, crime all over the shop nothing more you could expect from a highly populated suburban neighbourhood in the UK especially when you are brought up into the world the way it is today in a underground crime syndicate having to see people battered in your living room by your father, people being disposed of whilst you play about in the house... Hearing screams of tortured rats and snitches in the early hours of the morning spilling everything to father what they had told police and other syndicates... Not your adverage upbringing i must admit, atleast i grew up with no troubles or fears of anyone after i had seen everything. Not healthy i must admit but thats the way crime networks go about their buisness..

the "tax man"


My nick name of "the tax man" was given to me by the residents in london and  my estate alongside many surrounding counties and areas. No i did not work for her majesty in her revenue and customs, i was a loanshark for my father.

my job was to get payment back from people who owed my father bigtime... Especially Dealing with late payers any amount past 100,000 of her majesties great british pounds was the job for me and thats where my nickname came from by taxing people of their kneecaps,  for being late with the payments owed to my father ofcourse as they say... Time is money! Taking up our valuble time and recources was repayed with the inability to walk and also to get the message across to pay on time... The word was if the taxman was comming find the money fast... Or run its up to you but i would certainly make sure you were never bloody walking again thats for sure. Many people chose to pay when others were stupid and thought they could cheat the tax man by dodging paying up the most wonderful thing about those people you really see who the men and who the mice are when being asked questions and  about to have a hammer disintergrate their kneecaps 

i dont know what it is about my job i love so much, is it having the name given to me what people fear? Is it working for my highly sucsessful father? Is it hearing the knees pop and crunch on every blow of the hammer? I couldent tell you.

the honest earning cockney lad:



just because i grew up in a family who operated underground doesent mean i dident have a legitimate buisness on the side.. I ran a nightclub and casino called cezars (che-zars) mainly used to give myself a day off and most importantly have fun because whats the point in having a buisness if you dont enjoy what you do? 

poker tables, blackjack, roulette, baquratte, craps, slot machines we had it all on the second floor was the nightclub, mostly popular with the teens and students many casino patrons would visit too. booked events would be held with the highest priority with so many VIP's floating about security was kept to the highest of standards along side with outstanding customer service.

however my reputation put off aload of customers after hearing who ran the damn place cant blame them but if they saw how much i cared for my customers and that inside my own buisness they had nothing to fear im a nice guy really its just that buisness is buisness and it will always be like that...

the last job: patrick o' mahony 


The last job i was sent on was to recieve payment from a member of the o'mahony family.. Patrick... The dirty grubby little bastard, thought he would be smart and run off with 337,000 and leave the country, he dissapeared off of the radar ofcourse before i got ears of the rat had touched down in south zagoria in chernarus, he thought he had made it away.. When im looking for you especially for mine and my fathers money i will find you in the end, i touched down amd this place is massive nothing like the UK and certainly no walk in the bloody park i will tell you that me ol" china plates, after weeks of asking around showing his picture to numerous residents his ugly mug on a polaroid i finally spoke to someone who recognized him 

he was right down the south in a little seaside town called kamyshovo not very populated quiet place perfect to lay low, got to admit the guy was smart but i couldent wait to get my hands on him

the good part of my trade:


when i walked to the house he was staying in you had never seen a bloke get on the floor so fast in your life, in my bag i reached in and got Cracker out, cracker is my hammer given to me by my father for my 21st its gold plated i think, i never tampered with it to see if its solid or not, with the most unique feature a hammer can have besides being gold ofcourse... Authentic rubies attached to the hammerhead in the shape of a skull. I held it out at arms length pointing it at the shaking wreck on the floor and said

"well patrick, payments due.. Your late and ran for it.. Not even got a single pound more than you promised on investment! You think you could just take it and run away? I dont think so... now intrest and taxes have been added on... You know the score patrick.. Dont fight it"

patrick got to his knees and put his hands together shaking them and said  "no, no, no mr black no please, i am already in trouble and on the run i needed too i was going to repay the money as soon as i was gone i swear it"

"but time for payment was two months ago im sorry patrick, now stay fucking still buisness is buisness" 

i slung him to the floor and he shuffled back with his feet untill he hit the wall with his back, then with all my strength... smack... One now fully fucked and  broken leg "and the other one!" I said loudly crushed the decond knee cap and asked  "where do you keep the bread and honey patrick" he pointed to a small wooden oak chest in the corner of the room, i picked up the bags inside and walked out the door slowly and said "oh patrick, if its not all here it will be alot more than your knees ill be fucking breaking next time" 


Troubles abroad:


On my way back heading out of south zagoria to get to the airport.. Military personel and local police forces were forbidding anyone to leave the country and to wait untill they were given the all clear to let traffic go into and out of chernarus.. Apparently theres some sort of infection turning people into "zombies" ooooh! scary i know... All joking aside they dident want to let any potential carriers transmit it any further into the world and start what could potentially be a appocalypse.

We was told to tune into a frequency on a radio everyday at 12 midday to be updated on the current situation, days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months then all of a sudden the transmition stopped and this could only mean i had no way of contacting home, this was it... I was stuck here.. Time to find a way back to london somehow... Or i have to suck it up and live here for a whiile... One way or the other ive got to face the facts and get on with it 

Surviving through working:


In the many months having been stuck here ive been moving about the place trying to settle in but its nothing like home, i need to find a crowd of people who i can fit in with and work alongside to make myself feel more at home.. On my travels up north i stumbled across a little town what was occupied, i saw a fire in the distance and sat next to it in a group of people all wearing flatcaps and the vast majority wearing tracksuits... One of them had said a speech before walking off, i spoke up and introduced myself to them bunch of nice chaps the town was home to the moretti family, a mafia just the sort of people who i need to be around to keep myself at home and not loose my sanity


After introducing myself and where i am from and what i do i was told i would do here just fine as long as i work and dont slouch around ofcourse, i need to be near people in power to fill the abcense of being by my fathers side in the black family syndicate even one of the high ranks in the family called cappos will do any work to do clean or dirty im their man, hopefully get to work like back at home too.. I know money is useless these days but if they need information or things owed to them they know the taxman will collect payment and i will make sure they see that and not just a north london boy trying to act like billy big bollocks.


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