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Alfred with the shorts

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*Nathan sits in a unknown town, currently coughing as his vision was blurry, in one hand he held a radio, the other was a poloroid picture of a family. After a short moment, he presses the PTT button on the radio and raises it to his mouth.*

"Hey, Alfred it's Jason... If you can hear me, Im sorry that we left you in Vybor my friend, and Im sorry that I havent tried to catch up with you, things been busy.. Finally it's a bit calmer for me."

"Listen, go to Pavlovo, there are good people there. Kjartan is there too, I might not be there when I show up, and if someone asks who you are... Tell them you know me and Kjartan."

*He coughs once more, causing him to loose grip on the button for a moment before pressing the PTT down once more.*

"Hope you're alive, and that you hear this buddy... And I hope I'll be seeing you soon."


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