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Assistance from Lev

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*Nikolai sits back in one of the cargo containers at the Kamensk military base, changing his gas mask filters*

Blin, two left...

*He turns on the radio, an authentic heavy Russian accent can be recognized*

Oi Lev, blyat! You got out of that wheelchair my friend? Listen, remember that AUG I gave you and told you that you can pay me later? Well, this is it. If you can use your two legs and still drink up to two liters of vodka without passing out come with me. We will go repair a radio tower, I can't hear my comrades from Russia on a real good weapons shipment. You get free M4 if you show up AND you repay me back for that AUG! What do you say, priyatel?

*Nikolai cuts off the transmission*

Hm...I wonder if my beans will get radiation if I stay here too long...

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