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Hi Guys

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Im aware im making a new thread and its highly unneeded but what ever, im here to say hi and share my back story. I have just this last hour applied for white list. Fingers crossed I get accepted.

i'd like to share with you my story and hopefully when im in character you guys can use it to interact with me. So heres my story.

My name is Matthew C J Smith, but most just call me Matt.

Before the outbreak I was in a top secret organisation, tasked with seeking out the

most dangerous terrorists across the globe and eliminating them and any threat they

generate. In my respective field, I was one of the best. I had the most consecutive missions run

with success. Over 29 national disasters overted and 76 Highest ranking officer an General,

Terrorists eliminated. My code Name was Smudge, an Army obreviation of Smith.

The work was draining and the information you learnt whilst working was enough

to know the world had a death sentence long before this outbreak of what appear

to be undead even surfaced.

My outfit was assigned a catastrophic risk mission. Our unit was assembled by the U.N

and no one was to know of our actions. We had sionide tablets replacing our back mauler

teeth incase of capture or interogation. No one could know our mission.

Now its over, I guess I can tell. Somewhere in the state of Taviana just off the coast of

Chernarus, a terrorist group captured a world renowned chemical warfare scientist and

tortured him inside their underground lair until he agreed to cooperate with their demands.

These Anarchists wanted no Ransom, they had NO demands. They just wanted to destroy

civilization. I guess we had it Coming. But back to the story.

We were flown into taviana after interogating many high ranking officers from the terrorist organization.

I aqquired a lead of where their underground lab was located from one of the weaker prisoners.

So we progressed onwards to the location of the hidden underground laboratory.

My Outfit stormed the lab clearing every room slaughtering everyone in sight, armed or not. we had

orders. "Bring back the scientist and destroy all research"

We cleared all the rooms until there was but one door left unbreached at the bottom of the

corridor and took position, "3, 2, 1, BREACH!" We burst into the room met by some very heavy


Quickly we took cover behind a lab desk then what appeared to be their leader appeared with

golden Desert Eagle held to the head of the scientist "Dr. Ivan." Thats when I realised just how

serious this mission was.

Their leader started laughing, took a syringe and stabbed it into "Dr.Ivan's" neck. The doctor collapsed.

Our mission wasnt over though, we still had orders. Bring him back, destroy the lab.

After a long fire fight there was only me and our Cpt. left. He told me we had to get out of here

and blow the place on the way out. We were too pinned down.

We smoked the remaining and made our exit of the room to a narrow hallway where we knew they'd run to

escape the smoke and essentially kite them into a narrow hallway of bullets. We heard coughing,

groaning followed by screaming and gun shots. Horrific crys of anger, then pain and fear. Was this

the same fearless terrorsist orginization we were fighting from before?

Then suddenly, through the smoke, pale faced and blood covered Dr.Ivan trundled through the smoke. We had no

idea what was going on. My Cpt. shouted, "Dr.Ivan we are here to ensure your safe rescue please

follow us," but Dr.Ivan just sprinted straight at him, jumped at him, and ripped his throat clean out with

one swipe then persisted to "eat" our Cpt.

We lost a lot of good men that day. My captain gave me his dying orders to leave and blow the place,

collapsing the lab on top of them making sure this monster virus was never to surface. I turned and

ran. Bumping into every corner i took, slamming a 4 pound C4 explosive on each wall, over and over

and over until i reached the long winding stairs and final ladder 20ft ladder. I could hear more than one now.

I reached the top and kicked the ladder clean off the wall making sure these abominations couldnt reach the top as

I made safe distance. I escaped through the secret shed into the field and ran about 400m then turned and

watched the shed. Just as I pulled the detonation device from my pack, out of nowhere I was apprehended by the

Tavi National Guard. Someone had seen our squad enter with heavy weaponry and must of reported it.

I couldn't tell them my mission, so was branded an enemy of the state and sentanced to 24 years in a

high security prison for espionage and terrorism. The U.N had betrayed me, my whole Outfit was dead,

and only I knew what was at the bottom of that man hole. All that seperated the world and this deadly virus

was a 20 Ft gap between the floor and the man hole cover where I had destroyed the ladder. So i went rogue.

Besides it wasnt the first Ex-Soviet prison i'd escaped from.

After escaping I made my way back to the mainland but as I approached all I could hear was sirens.

There was blockades at the beggining of major cities, keeping people out aswell as in. Taviana was

infected, I was too late. The few who did escape the road blocks who were infected, took the virus

to such states as, Namalsk, Chernarus, Opel and even as far as Takistan. My mission was a failure. My clean

Record of terrorist hunting, and disaster overting over. We Failed. So I fled by boat and landed here, Chernarus.

I am now held partly responsible for the outbreak across the world, as my face was posted over international

news stations across the world due to my apprehention in the area and shortly after prison escape.

The world thinks it was me. But only me and my Outfit knew the real truth and i'm all that remains.

So now I just spend my days surviving, trying not be caught by mercenaries and gloryhunters or worse the living dead.

I am Matthew C J Smith "2nd LT Smudge" and thats my story.

Thanks for reading (if you bothered)

I have chosen that story for RP element, perhaps being held partly responsible for the outbreak will make me a target, perhaps ill share my side of the story with somebody/'s more willing to listen. Who knows. Only time will tell. Thanks again for reading.


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Guest Nyuu

Hi there! I've also just submitted my application, fingers crossed I'll get accepted!

I thought your back story was awesome btw, wish I'd thought of connecting myself with the outbreak. My player name is Cassander Rex and here's my back story incase you're interested:

My story does not begin in some plush hotel or fancy car, I ascend from darker regions. I began life in a prison cell, the bastard son of a ruthless killer who had been put away for life. My mother died in child birth and I was raised with knife in hand and blood in my heart.

I fought myself to the top of that pit of hell, I learnt to look after myself before anyone else and to stake my claim to whatever I found and fend of those who would try to take what was mine. My violent nature meant that I was both feared and respected in tandem by my fellow incarcerates, however, notoriety can be like the sweetest water tainted by the blackest poison.

I soon began to attract the attention of the guards, this finally culminated in my first attempt at escape.

I made provisions with another member of my crew, we would move at 4.00am, the changing of the guard. WE were making our way out of the second hall when I began to here screams coming from the cells of D block. There was something else however, it sounded like the sound of bones being crunched into nothingness. The screaming ceased.

We finally made it to the exit of the prison, I couldn't believe we'd made it through what was normally a maximum security prison so unscathed, my partner stopped and turned to me. He had time to utter a single syllable, "sh..." as he was torn limb from limb in front of my very eyes by a pack of mutilated prison guards, frothing at the mouths and with a blood lust unquenchable.

I Ran.

I had no choice but to make a dash for the exit, I knew my only hope lay in the helicopter atop the prison. I reached the roof, finally, and stopped to catch my breath. I could hear them coming for me, I leapt into the chopper but it seems that one of the guards had had a similar idea. I stood face to face with what I had been brought up to loathe more than anything in this world. We did not speak. The look between us was enough, it was a look of survival. I leapt into the passenger seat of the chopper and he spun up the rotor, after what seemed like an eternity we were in the air.

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, I awoke to a coughing and spluttering, the sight of fresh blood. The guard looked at me and I now saw the blood spattered across his right arm. He'd been bitten. I pulled away in fear, a movement that saved my life. He dashed forward and his gun fell to the floor, I grabbed it and fired till the mag ran dry.

Then we were falling, the ocean rushing up towards me, the cold hard death that was sure to follow nagged at me. I felt the rush of cold water and then, nothing.

I awoke on a beach, nothing but a small provision, not enough to survive, was all I had. I knew I had to move on to find something, anything. Slowly but with purpose I began my march inland, hoping that Chernarus may offer me a fresh start, in a new world...

Hope to see you out there!

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I know its implementing other aspects of dayz I was just trying to be creative with what i already know about all the mods.

And your story is awesome dude, i loved when u realised how easy it was to escape. so immersive

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