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To Nikolai...

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*Everest, sounding hurt and weary, clicks his portable radio's PTT and speaks into it.*

"Nikolai... *coughs* Ah fuck... Now I know how you feel... Being battered and bruised. He... He...

*He coughs and wheezes from the pain.*

I... I apologize. I did my best... But I guess it wasn't enough.

If... If you're still out there... I hope you made off better than I.

*He takes a minute to catch his breath.*

I don't... I don't know if this message will reach you... Hell, I don't know if you're still alive.

But if you're out there... Make... Make those films Nikolai...

I'd love to see... I'd love to see a film of yours... Maybe this time with a happier ending...

*He wheezes as he tries to speak. He takes a moment's breath before speaking again.*

Удачи мой друг. Имейте безопасное путешествие ... Куда бы вы ни пошли.

I'm Everest... *coughs* Signing off..."

*Everest lets go of the PTT, slumping back on the door to the room he locked himself in to attempt and treat his wounds.*

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*He depresses the PTT.*

"I don't know what happened, and I don't want you explaining it over the radio. That can be done in person."

*He sighs.*

"If you haven't bled out yet, Mr. Everest, kindly drag yourself back to me."

*He releases the PTT.*

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*Everest hears Ian's robotic voice and cracks a smile. He takes his radio and presses the PTT.*

"I'm not dead yet... Asshole... Nor am I bleeding... Vest took the brunt of most everything...

*He coughs lighter than before.*

Once I can... *cough* Leave here, I'll drag my ass... Back... Somewhere.

*He coughs sharply.*

I just need some... Some rest...

*He sighs.*

I'll talk more in the mornin'... Everest... Out."

*He lets go of the PTT, and slips into a deep sleep for the night.*

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*Nikolai presses the PTT button*

Opa! There is another Nikolai I do not know of? Where is this questionable Russian comrade of mine?

*He lets go of the button*

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