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The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

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Guest Roach



(Find us to get a private frequency. Then use our Comms on TS)


The Moretti Famiglia is an organization based off of the old world Mafia principals. However, with these new times come new ways and methods to ensure the survival and safety of The Famiglia. It all started in August 2017 with but a few members and quickly grew as Tony had a nack to gain followers. The group never declared themselves a mafia until roughly December of 2017 when the idea came to Tony as he looked at his massive following. At this point, they had gained a lot of associates and allies but also started to gain enemies. After a break and recruitment up north to accommodate Tony's bigger plans, the Famiglia had returned and tried to settle as a business in Sinistok and called it Sin City. Many deals had been completed and the Famiglia gained trust within many allies. The Famiglia tried to form a Vegas type town but never had the time to complete that goal. In early 2018, they were forced to lay low due to a massive betrayal that left them wondering who they could trust. It was thought to be the fall of The Moretti Famiglia. In May 2018, almost 4 months later, Tony reappeared out of nowhere and alone.

Thankfully, he was quickly found by some original members and they helped him remember his past as Tony suffered from Amnesia. Once his memory returned, they decided to go at it for the 3rd time and this time would achieve their goal of running a Vegas-like organization along with their usual underground work. They don’t go out of their way to tax other people or groups but rather tend to their own business with allies, associates and civilians. They are what many would consider a neutral group simply trying to operate in this new world. The Famiglia is known to run a town filled with activities such as Gambling, Fight Nights and Entertainment. But they can also be known by close associates to deal drugs and weapons as well as being hired to perform captures, interrogations, hits/killings and much more. Although they act respectful towards most if not all people, they will quickly turn on those who lack the respect in return. The last thing anyone wants is to receive a fish from The Moretti Famiglia. This symbolizes one’s end. Do a favor or show good faith to them, and they will always be on your side.

Tony giving a speech to his Soldatos and Capos (From Left to Right: Kyle Williams, Iosif Sokolov, Jango Bale, Tony Moretti, Jimmy Fixer, Soal Gordan)




43-year-old, Tony Moretti from Brooklyn New-York was in the Italian Mafia back home, as a simple Soldato (Soldier). He was not the most respected of the crew but alas he was family. He always had a dream to become the new Don. The one to take charge and be the strongest and most respected. This respect was not easily earned for Tony. Dreams are all they were as he was doing the dirtiest of jobs, such as cleaning up dead bodies and taking care of any business that was rather unpleasant. The stuff nobody wanted to do. He was truly at the bottom of it all along with his brother Bobby. They both were part of the Family simply because of their father, Alonzo Moretti, was the Consigliere (Adviser) for over 15 years working for the very same Don.  

Don Fiore only accepted the boys due to the huge amount of respect owed to their father. This didn't stop Don Fiore from treating them like they were worth next to nothing. The Italian Mafia had their hands in many things. One of the most important parts of their business was dealing in guns. This was, of course, aside from drugs, gambling, favors and "protection" services. June 2nd 2017, on Tony's Birthday, Don arranged a meeting with the Chernarussian Mafia for a deal on a few crates of AK type weapons. The Chernarussian Mafia refused to leave the country, forcing the Italian Mafia to fly to Chernarus to complete the deal. Don Fiore suspected foul play, he understood this may be a direct attack on the Italian Family for some sour deal over 10 years ago.  

He was sure everything was settled between the two Families. But this just didn't sit right with the Don. Tony was always one to throw himself in front of any business that needed attending. Fiore, knowing this, exploited it by sending Tony and his brother Bobby Moretti alongside 4 other Soldatos to take place for this deal. If it was going to backfire, at least the Don would be safe. However, Fiore lead Tony to believe this would be an easy straightforward job. Tony probably would've done it even knowing the risk.  

All this was suggested by the Family's Underboss, Giovanni "Wise Guy" Bosco. He told the Don in a meeting with the head of Caporegimes (Captain), Tommy Lupo, that it would be best to proceed this way for the safety of Fiore and the Family name. If things would go south, Tony, his brother, and the other Soldatos would take the hit and it would be a minimal loss. Tommy Lupo despised this idea, saying that if they hit, we should hit back instantly. The Capo wanted to be the one on this business trip to ensure the Family get the merchandise and not lose the money in the deal. Weapons were becoming a huge issue and the lack of which lead to this deal. At the time, this was the only way to get what they needed to supply the demand on the streets. Alas, the Don decided to take the Consigliere advice and sends Tony, Bobby and 4 other Soldato to Chernarus.

In very early July of 2017, Tony and the crew finally arrived in Chernarus. The deal was not happening for another day, so the boys stayed at the nearby Motel in Berezino and slowly got settled. As Tony flips through the channels on that old television set that night, he noticed a few odd news broadcasts about something happening in this very country just southwest of where they were. Not many details were said about this broadcast but most definitely not an everyday news story. He chose not to let this news disturb him too much and impatiently waited for the next day to arrive. Tony and his brother were both pretty excited to go through their first deal. This would surely show the Don just how useful they are and how Tony deserves a higher rank.

The next day, the crew heads to what is known as Klen Hill where the deal was going to happen. It was at 7:00 PM that everyone met on that same hill. Everything seems to be going well. Tony, being the head of this mission if you wish to call it so, was greeted by the Chernarussian Don himself. They both shook hands followed by a kiss on each cheek as it is custom for Tony. Apparently, this Don was never informed that Fiore would not be present. He was highly expecting him to be there. You could see the clear disappointment on his face as he asks Tony for the money. Of course, Tony opens the suitcase filled with the funds required to complete the deal as predicted but nowhere could they see any of the crates. Tony closes the suitcase asking for the weapons first. This displeased the Don as he said to Tony "You have no trust in me, friend?" to which Tony replies, "With all due respect sir, trust is earned and since we don't know each other, I'd feel more comfortable seeing what I am buying before buying it".  

The don right away smiles at Tony and glances over to the others with him and says "Of course. However, there have been complications in the past business opportunities our families have had, you understand why I need you to hand over the money first this time". The Don turns to the cargo truck and points to it while saying "Your weapons are all in truck friend, you give money and I let you go see yes?". he continues to smile saying "As you said, Mr. Moretti, trust is earned so now is your turn to show me trust". Tony looks at Bobby with a questionable look in his eyes as Bobby nods to go through with it. So Tony then hands over the case of money. The Don immediately passes the case to his Underboss and turn to Tony while attempting to shake his hand and says, "Thank you for trust friend, now I know we can deal again... Go to truck, all is yours, yes".  

Tony sends 2 of the Soldatos to the Truck to have a look and make sure everything is in order before they take it and leave. Tony, Bobby, and 2 others Soldatos stay behind while the Don heads to his private car. The thing looked bulletproof to Tony's eyes, definitely, a car Tony would like to have one of these days. The Don shuts the door and the 2 Soldatos open the back of the truck to views its content. To their surprise, the cargo was composed of 3 Chernarussian Mafia soldiers armed and ready to shoot. Instantly the 2 Soldatos got shot down and being surprised Tony tries to shoot back, but more are coming from out of the bushes nearby and other hidden areas. They quickly feel surrounded and start to slowly step backward while shooting at the soldiers. The 2 other Soldatos get shot down and only Tony and Bobby are left. The boys start running down the immense hill trying to find safety as bullets fly by them. In a panic, Bobby turns to shoot back as they run while Tony insists he stop and keep running. When Tony turns to look at Bobby he can see him run in another direction as they got separated in the thick woods.  

Both are being chased by these men while Tony panics at the thought of getting separated from his brother. However, eventually, Tony outran the men hiding in a small village he found. He sits inside a shed hoping the men would move through the town and past him which they did. The money is gone, no weapon crates in his possession. Tony felt like he lost a bigger battle. If he would return home, how would he explain letting this happen? For now, Tony was concentrated on finding Bobby and returning home but he knew that the Chernarussian Mafia would be waiting for him at any exit. It was time to lay low. Tony kept his head down for days going around the woods like a wild animal looking for food. Anywhere he looked he could not find Bobby.

Until not long after he starts hearing explosions and gunshots, but none of the bullets heading his way. He investigates the shots only to see the city of Berezino completely engulfed in flames and smoke. He could see people running everywhere, running from other weaponless people. He then witnessed a lady getting what seems like devoured by 3 men. He was disgusted by that even if he cleaned up dead bodies for a living, this felt different. After he finds a small house nearby, he locks the doors and turns on the small radio on the table only to hear the disastrous words being broadcasted. He knew he was not going home anytime soon. So Tony decided to come out from hiding hoping to better find his brother Bobby but instead he would only find a new world unraveling before his very eyes. 

"Ain't no way I am going down by one of those dead chooches. Bobby, I am gonna find you, then we're out of here, even if I have to kill to do it".






On day 14 of the outbreak in Chernarus, Tony continued to look for his brother while staying as low as possible. Regardless of the outbreak, he constantly thought about the Chernarussian Mafia being after him. Being alone made Tony very nervous as he felt powerless without the other soldatos and especially his brother. He didn’t give up the search, however. He quickly noticed the world around him, the people from a distance and how everything was changing fast. This world feels like it’s done for and no way out of it. 

Desperate to find his brother, Tony decides to come out the shadows to have a better chance. He met people instantly but nobody could say if they saw Bobby or not. He was taken in by Julia Haas… whom he would call, Madam Ambassador, for a couple of weeks while he got properly setup for this new world. She held a tight group of people down by the southern coast and it seemed like the perfect place to be while things blow over. But alas, it was time for Tony to go out there and keep looking for his brother. As days go by, Tony lingers trying to find Bobby all while thinking of the future. Understanding what the state of everything was in and the possibility of no return to anything normal, Tony felt the need to do what he always dreamed about. Being a Don of his own. But he wouldn't call it a Mafia or a Famiglia just yet.  

He didn’t really try to do anything to provoke it but as he met more and more people, they seemed to follow him, listen to him and the trail of followers kept growing. Tony lived with his fellow survivors in a green two-story house hidden in the woods near Gorka for a short while. They would normally all roam Gorka for this time during the day where they met many travelers. But Bobby was still nowhere to be found. This is where Tony met with Taryn Allegheny. Long story short, Tony misunderstood prior info about her maybe wanting to get Tony or get him killed. Tony demanded to see her and when they met, they understood it was all a misunderstanding but from here would create a connection between her people and Tony’s which include but not limited to; Kenneth Richards, Roman “Nipplehat” Ivanov, Jimmy Fixer, Jango Bale, Kyle Williams, Jango Bale and Soal Gordan. 

Weeks go by and Tony now has a following of over 15 men. This made Tony feel bigger than life. Like he was meant for it. So he kept recruiting more and more people to follow him all while staying in a summer camp near Berezino. Promising better lives, dominance over any outsider and especially survival. In reality, this was a way for Tony to cover more ground to find his brother all while keeping him safe but it turned out bigger than that later down the line.

He one day found a man named Seth Black. This proves to be a changing point for Tony. In the middle of these wars involving CDF, VDV, UN and others as well as Tony having never formed an official family name or stating it was a mafia, Seth agreed to work with Tony. He seemed very smart when it came to survival but also for being able to thrive in this new world. He seemed more adapted for this. He had so many things to teach Tony and he did, leaving him with tape recordings with all of the tips he needed to make this group thrive. But others didn’t seem to like him like Tony did. They were fine with his better half, Phelan Sokol as she followed Seth everywhere he went. Seth was using Tony they said. Using his power of leadership to advance Seth in this world. Calling ourselves The Mankind Liberation Army. Seth acted as a President Hickey over the radio to announce the coming of this group MLA. Tony would be the front man. Tony never liked the name and sure, some things were extreme, but Seth knew how this world would work and that not many would be able to understand his ways.

This greatly affected what Tony was trying to do. Be a leader to people, a Don really even if this is not what it was yet.
But Tony chose to let it slide. People needed time to realize the world we live in and maybe then they would understand what Seth was talking about. Days later when Tony visits Taryn’s camp, Soal had arrived with someone. It was Bobby. The day had finally come where we saw Bobby and Tony together and it was thanks to Soal, this move would ultimately lead Soal to become a consigliere (adviser) later down the line. Everything was looking up from here or so he thought. Tony and the others moved up in Belaya Polana shortly after.

Threats of leaving Tony started. Other groups such as Taryn’s would tell Tony to step back from Seth, that he may be evil or they would take action and no longer be allied with Tony. This was in part due to Dolores, a child that stayed with Tony and the other civilians. Seth slapped her across the face. Long story short, this made a lot of people mad, including Tony but after telling Seth that he would not allow this behavior again, everything seemed fine. But threats of leaving the group kept coming and Taryn started to hate Tony for keeping him around. So Tony acted. He imprisoned Seth while he was vulnerable. Seth had broken his leg and called for help. This is where Tony and Bobby took Seth by force and placed him in the Novo apartments, sealed into a room. 

Tony still didn’t want to kill Seth but decided to keep him caged for a while. As Tony returns to the town, he tells his people along with Taryn’s people that Seth is dead and will no longer be a problem. Taryn didn’t believe a word and with good reason. Phelan was devastated and she lost whom she loved most. Tony pulled her aside and could not keep the secret any longer, telling her that he’s alive. She continued to act sad but Taryn saw through it all. “I will believe it when I see the body” she proclaimed. “I cut his head off with this sword and let his body float down the stream… he’s dead” Tony replied. Rumors started floating around about Taryn wanting to either harm or capture Tony or confront him about this. She was telling others, apparently, that Tony was a liar and so on.

Tony’s people believed him. Seth was gone. Tony then told Jimmy about Seth. He wasn’t happy but respected his decision. Jimmy was trusted by Tony due to him working with another mafia in new-york. The connection between these two was unmistakable. Jimmy ultimately made his way as the Underboss due to his large understanding of the business. After a week and a few visits. Tony decided to let Seth out or rather unlock the door. Seth stayed there due to the broken leg while being seen regularly by Phelan, his girlfriend. Tony could no longer keep a man that he thinks is right, as sick as some of what he said could have been. The world was changing fast and everything Seth was saying was becoming true more and more. He continues to help Tony behind that door for a while, giving him pointers and helping him thrive.

But with Seth now gone, or so everyone thought, Tony made an announcement. “I will be honest, this whole Mankind Liberation Army bullshit name was never my cup of tea, from now on we are The Moretti Famiglia” The would now be told they are a Mafia along with each a position in ranks. Soldatos were limited, however. So Tony and some of the others decided to go north in Russia to look for more recruits. Planning to come back even stronger next time. Bobby decided to stay behind with his new girlfriend but they would keep in touch. Tony had big plans and this time he would become a real Don.






2 months later, Tony and the others return from the north and it was looking much better with a lot more people but it wasn’t without problems. The Russians proved to be a big problem forcing Tony and the others to come back sooner than expected. There were some deaths and gains. All the men spread out to scout areas for a good home back in Chernarus. Meanwhile, the day of Tony’s return he is greeted with an initiation from Alice Garcia and her people. People of Tortuga and the Black Fangs. Followed by a bullet to Tony’s leg in a confusing crossfire between Tony’s people and her people. Everything was again a misunderstanding as they were searching for a woman to which Tony had with him… Phelan. She was fortunately not the one they were looking for. Tony would recover within 2 weeks of the bullet wound to his leg but left him with a very slight limp and a bit more difficult to walk normally and not without a bit of pain. 

Tony created a connection with the Black Fangs and Tortuga on that very day and wondered if he could use these people as associates, allies or even security for big jobs. More on this later. A few days later Tony and his famiglia settle in a town called Pusta. By this time Tony was roughly 20 man strong but most were always off and away to get supplies, weapons and other items such as drugs. Leaving the town mostly filled with civilians a few soldatos and of course Tony. They held a big family dinner where Tony made sure everyone was acquainted and introduced new members. It’s where everything became very clear and official, after 5 months of the outbreak, they were now a Mafia reunited. Taryn had shown up out of nowhere, alone, looking lost and she did lose a lot. I don’t think Taryn expected Tony to recruit her after the past they had. Seth had still never shown up and stayed hidden, thus proving in a way to Taryn that he was indeed dead. Tony took her in as his own and she stayed with Tony for a long while after then.

Things were gonna be different from the old world. The plan was not to tax people of their earning but rather work with people and build a connection with most survivor groups out there in order to provide the town and his members with everything they needed. It wasn’t just about being a mafia but about surviving and thriving. Tony still wanted to dominate the Weapons and Drugs business regardless of any other group or location. Tony felt he needed some control and thus would be the only thing he felt a good reason to tax on. One day while Tony was out with most soldatos, communists came to Pusta and raided the whole place turning everything over and even killing Frank Carson, a soldato. Scaring all civilians in the process. The family was unprepared for this and especially learning that they were living close by and constantly stalking the town.

So because Tony was so unprepared and didn’t wanna risk anything else to his people, he moved as far away from the communist's location in order to prepare for them now that they knew about them. They moved to Sinistok and by then, Tony’s group was almost a solid 40 man strong. Sinistok would soon be called and known as Sin City. Tony had big plans other than trying to work against the communists. To build a city of civilians having a good time by Gambling, Fight Nights, Entertainment and more but of course deal drugs, weapons offer hits, executions, captures, interrogations and more, on the side. For a price of course. But the communists were becoming a big problem for a lot of people and groups including Tony’s. So it was time to gather associates from all corners of the country to fight off the threat so they can live in peace. Tony was able to assemble many groups together to fight against these communists, including the Black Fangs.

This would officially be a declaration of war on Tony’s part. During all of the preparation for this war against communists, The Famiglia got a job for a special case from Ivan Lynch and his people. Tony had to capture at the very least a Serial Killer called Wes Carter. It was personal for Ivan as this Wes guy had killed his significant other and left her exposed to the world. Jimmy leads the crew in this mission and managed to capture not only Wes but Johnny Robinson as well who also killed with Wes. The price of this was a Cargo Truck and Car loaded with weapons. Ivan delivered and so did Tony and his men. This resulted in Ivan’s help against the commies as well. Tony used a lot of what Ivan offered for Wes to the Black Fangs for their help in the war. He brought the Fangs a Sedan loaded with high tier weapons. This seems to have sealed the deal. Tony really wanted the help of the Fangs due to them being very capable people.

The events with Wes seems to have scared Kenneth, a very close member to Tony. Wes had befriended Kenneth and even had plans to kill Kenneth and many more. Wes had also killed a friend of Kenneth’s. This lead Ken to shoot down the already battered and tortured, half dead Wes Carter with the help of Ivan Lynch. Ken had never killed before so this changed him a lot. He needed time away to regain himself but Tony didn’t wanna lose one of the oldest friends he’s made in this new world. A man that always kept Tony down to earth and surely he would miss his clever puns. Tony had a chat with him, reminding him what this world is now and it was all bound to happen. It was Tony’s turn to keep Ken down to earth.

Not even 2 days before the attack that was going to take place on communists’ territory, Tony learned of the Fangs and people of Tortuga working with commies which threw the whole plan off. Attacks were now planned against Tony and things were derailing fast. Tony had to reach for plan B which was going back to Russia to recruit more men for this war. Most of the famiglia left North with Tony to rebuild and completely left all ties loose as they could not tell anyone of their plan. Bobby stayed behind with his girlfriend and had moved on from the famiglia, saying this was just not for him. There was always doubt in Bobby’s eyes. Sure Tony and he were Soldatos together in the old world but Bobby proclaimed not being one to lead, that it’s just not within him. Stepping down as underboss, made Jimmy the new one in his stead. 

It became clear that anyone could backstab in this day an age and Tony needed to know who was really there to help him and who was not. Tony needed unbiased parties to help him. New blood. North it was and it was not going to be easy on this famiglia.






After almost 4 months absent from Chernarus. Nobody could really tell what happened to the Moretti Famiglia. People were quickly moving on. At this point, it has been 10 months since the outbreak and things were no longer looking up for Tony. He had returned to Chernarus but he was alone. Tony had Amnesia and no way to explain it yet. While up north, many have died in the Famiglia. It was really bad in Russia and their deaths were proof of that. The family went for a strong 40 down to roughly 10 left. One day, the gang was swarmed by infected pushing them all in different directions. We’re talking hundreds of infected all over. Tony was pushed off of a small cliff nearby by and landed in a stream of water all while hitting his head causing a massive gash in the back, top-right of the head. He floated down the stream until he was picked up by Soal who managed to escape the hoard in the right direction.

Soal had no radio and the one Tony had was damaged by the fall and water. There was no way to communicate anymore and the famiglia went from 10 to 2. But Tony didn't know that as he was in a short coma due to his injury. Soal patched up Tony’s head wound and kept him warm and hydrated in a house found in the woods for roughly one week. He did the best he could to keep his Don alive all while trying to scavenge or hunt food and also try to find other members of the Famiglia while Tony was in this coma. Soal did not have any paper with him or any way to leave a note at the time in case he would wake up but he never anticipated Tony getting amnesia either.

Upon his awakening, Tony was able to remember everything in the old world up until the first day of the outbreak. Meaning he remembered coming to Chernarus with his brother for a gun deal that had gone bad. He remembered looking for his brother but nothing else. The Moretti Famiglia was never existent to him. Tony armed with all of his gear and maps, heads back to Chernarus at Klen hill where he last saw his brother and began to search for him again not knowing that he was alive and well living in peace with his girlfriend away from everything and everyone. As he traveled around the country again, he bumped into some people asking for his Brother of course. Nobody was able to help as of yet but some folks such as Ivan Lynch and Brandon Terrano were able to help him a bit. Lynch told Tony who he was and the influence he had but Tony simply could not believe it but still took his word for it.

Brandon was a soldato for Tony but presumed everyone to be dead and was starting something of his own. He was not with Tony very long, only in the end before they left for Russia. Terrano brought Tony to Sinistok to see if he could remember anything but nothing really came through apart from the House Tony lived in. He seemed to have vibes about the place but it wasn't enough to jog memories. He was also told by Terrano about Louie, he led the people of Tortuga and worked with the Black Fangs. If someone would know something about Tony, he would definitely. Terrano didn’t know where Bobby was or never really met him either so there was no way to tell. A few days later, Tony headed south to continue looking for his brother but also for Louie in hopes to get info about Tony’s past. 

As he arrived in Novy Sobor, Louie recognized him and immediately told him that he should kill him where he stood. To show good faith, Tony dropped his AKM that was fully loaded with 2 drum mags and all. Tony expressed his amnesia to him and that he just wanted to know more about his past. Louie told him about the crude radio message Tony left the Fangs and Commies before splitting north out of Chernarus. Tony asked for forgiveness and said he was ready to pull his weight around town in exchange for anything he could remember of him. The thing is, Tony was joining the enemy at this point. They were called Anarchists. But it didn’t matter since Louie decided not to harm or kill Tony and instead keep him around regardless. The very next day, war ensued on the town of Novy Sobor. Retaliation from other groups and survivors against the Anarchists. Tony didn’t know about anything they had done wrong in the past but he knew was taken in by these Anarchists and so when Louie gave Tony his gun and asked to fight for them, he didn’t hesitate. They fought for hours while Tony kept the Church safe with other members. Eventually Tony left the church to help finish off whoever was left as Anarchists seemed to be winning. As they return close to the Church they realize the retaliating groups were now in the church holding it off and Tony shot toward these people. He even yelled things at them which made these people realize who was there.

People could not believe that Tony was working for the Anarchists and they yelled it to him too. This made Tony doubt himself and his position for a bit but nothing more. As much as Tony shot, due to his confusion he never killed anyone during this war. But he still helped Louie enough to gain his trust and so it was now known that Tony was working with Anarchists. After a few weeks of jobs with them, Jimmy, having heard of Tony being in town and most likely of his amnesia, decided to go to the town of Novy to see for himself. Jimmy, the Underboss had made his way back in Chernarus to look for anyone still alive and was happy to learn of Tony apart from the working with Anarchists part.

Jimmy attempted to get close to Tony and speak with him, trying to jog his memory but not saying who he is to him. He wanted to Tony to remember and not have him feel like it’s a trick or something of the sorts. A couple of days later and no memories coming back yet, Jimmy took matters into his own hands by telling Tony about a Bobby in the town of Rogovo. So they headed out together to see if this Bobby was still there. But Tony was greeted with several men pointing guns and moving Tony away into the woods. The interrogation started. Telling Tony who he was, everything. Tony started a massive headache while trying to remember. He knew this had to be real as these guys would have killed Tony but instead told him of being a Don, a Boss to many people. A leader really. Tony got dizzy and had blurry vision and he struggled to stay up while absorbing all the info. The overwhelmingness got to him and lead him to pass out for about an hour. He woke up in the middle of the field as they were carrying him to a safe location.

Tony was a bit confused at first but quickly realized the situation. After they put him down, he stood up, still dizzy with a massive migraine and looked at the men and called them by their names, he remembered, everything. Well, most of everything but it’s slowly coming back to him. He remembers being everything they said he was. It was time to bring the Famiglia back for one last shot. Bring back a town of entertainment, drugs, weapons dealing… bring back the business. It was gonna take time, however. They needed to reassemble anyone who made it back to Chernarus alive and start recruiting again as they were far from the 40 strong they once had. It was time to bring back Sin City... New Sin City. From this day on, The Moretti Famiglia was born... again.

Jimmy made a few calls and gathered the remaining original members left and told them the good news. It was time to rebuild and it would start with core members such as Tony Moretti, Jimmy Fixer, Soal Gordan, Kyle Williams, Romen “Nipplehat” Ivanov, Alphonse Carson, Kenneth Richards, Brandon Terrano and Ben Khron.



Tony Moretti settling into his office in New Sin City.



⚫ BOSS/DON: Jimmy Fixer - @Dank Mems
⚫ UNDERBOSS:  Calvin Horne - @Para
⚫CONSIGLIERE: Caterina De Luca - @Clumsy

The Captains (They lead and order Soldatos)
? CAPOREGIME: Kyle Williams - @SlimmDusty
? CAPOREGIME: Brandon Terrano - @Gallo
? CAPOREGIME: Jango Bale - @jangoskull
? CAPOREGIMESal Scarpaci - @Dakotaen

A very close and personal friend of the Don - To be extra protected and respected
? UNTOUCHABLE: Soal Gordan - @SoalXtractor

The Soldiers of The Famiglia
⚪ SOLDATO: Kenneth Richards - @trent_rouls
⚪ SOLDATO: Alphonse Carson - @arron88823
⚪ SOLDATO: Eddie Sorella - @Eddie
⚪ SOLDATO: Owen Marilyn (alias Monroe) - @TheThrawn
⚪ SOLDATO: Arastides Mendez - @barto300
⚪ SOLDATO: Reuben Neves - @Borat
⚪ SOLDATO: Antonio De Luca - @SgtSmithy
⚪ SOLDATO: Richard Black - @Jono the giant
⚪ SOLDATO: Louis Scarpaci - @Sam Fields
⚪ SOLDATO: Kyle Nelson - @bloodcrusader
⚪ SOLDATO: Nino Kobiashvili - @Empress Julia
⚪SOLDATO: Eden Ripley (Medic) - @Anouk
⚪SOLDATO: Lucius Mcbride (Chemist) - @Kibbens
⚪SOLDATO: Nikolai Petresk  - @Retro

Recruits get promoted after 1 or 2 weeks - Depending on IC performance
◻️RECRUIT: Vitto Falconi - @Jakescar

◻️RECRUIT: Ivan Blanch - @Liberty Berntson
◻️RECRUIT: Dan Yates - @Dirty Dan
◻️RECRUIT:  Cosmo Arnett - @Romenthegreat

◻️RECRUIT:  Aidan Gary - @AidanHs

Registered Civilians in Sin City (They pull their weight around town)
? CIVILIAN: Ian Cobb (Medic) - @SpaceCowboy


DON (BOSS): Tony Moretti (Presumed Dead)
CAPOREGIME: Iosif Sokolov (Dead)
SOLDATO: Seth Black (Dead)
SOLDATO: Frank Carson (Dead)
CIVILIAN: Wyatt Walters (Dead)
CAPOREGIME: Michael Marcano (Dead)
SOLDATO: Hide Ito (Dead)
SOLDATO: Romen Ivanov (Nipplehat) (Dead)
SOLDATO: Ben Khron (Dead)
SOLDATO: Chris Saou (Dead)

SOLDATO: Alex Sommers (Left)
CIVILIAN: Ian Keith (Left)
CIVILIAN: Everest Casimir (Left)
RECRUIT: James Curran (Left)
SOLDATO: Luke Bond (Left)

RECRUIT: Wayne Ryder (Removed)
RECRUIT: John Barlow (Removed)

SOLDATO: Moxxi Devlin (MIA)
CAPOREGIME: Joshua Robinson (MIA)
CIVILIAN: William Ashby (MIA)
CIVILIAN: Will Holdsworth (MIA)
SOLDATO: Harry Weber (MIA)
SOLDATO: Jeremy Ryan (MIA)
SOLDATO: Bryson Cogburn (MIA)
SOLDATO: Calvin Hill (MIA)
SOLDATO: Damon Fenix (MIA)
SOLDATO: Julia Haas (MIA)
SOLDATO: Laurence Evans (MIA)
SOLDATO: Ezra Mitchell (MIA)
RECRUIT: Alfred Josia (MIA)
RECRUIT: Max Smith (MIA)
RECRUIT: Jack Braddock (MIA)
SOLDATO: Taryn Allegheny (MIA)
SOLDATO: Bobby Moretti (MIA)
SOLDATO: Logan Moyer (MIA)
SOLDATO: Thomas Mehtzer (MIA)

1. Find a town to call our new home (Achieved)
2. Prepare the town for civilians/guests/clients (Achieved)
3. Establish the town as an Entertainment venue (Achieved)
4. Connect with outside groups in order to continuously provide us business (Ongoing)
5. Recruit more Soldatos to grow The Famiglia to its former state (Ongoing)
6. Gather any and all major information that could advantage us (Ongoing)
7. Find a chemist to create a new addicting drug (Achieved)
8. Always continue to search for our old Famiglia members (dead or alive) (Ongoing)
9. Get power up and running throughout our town and event center (ETA: Day 350)
10. Establish a consistent source of clean running tap water for the town. (ETA: Day 360)
11. Create a stable economy and currency for Chernarus using PISTOL BULLETS for money. (Ongoing)

1. Provide realistic and immersive Mafia type Roleplay with new world tweaks.
2. Provide events meant to distract from the outbreak.
3. Provide excellent hostile, friendly but mostly neutral Roleplay.
4. Socialise with as many other groups and people as possible in order to further RP.
5. Become the go-to place for Vegas type entertainment (Gambling, Fight Nights, Entertainment).
6. Become the leading traders of a new drug and/or cocaine/morphine.
7. Provide veterans/newcomers a large group to RP with (yes, newcomers are welcome).

1. Keep the Don (Tony), safe at all cost.
2. Remain respectful. Especially with our guests.
3. Always look for new recruits.
4. Don’t disgrace the Moretti Famiglia name. You represent us now!
5. Never retaliate right away, remain respectful. Consult high ranks to prepare a plan.
6. We do NOT rob people! We are businessmen (and women).
7. Keep supplies filled (Weps, Drugs, Ammo, Food ect).
8. Always be truthful to the Moretti Famiglia. Especially to Tony.
9. NEVER SNITCH! Rats get exterminated.
10. Don’t be a Chooch!

1. Breaking the OOC or IC rules may/can result in your removal from the group.
2. No OOC drama/salt whatsoever. It’s a game so keep it in game.
3. You must be active at least 2 days a week with the group.
4. Roleplay is priority. You must do your best at providing realistic RP.
5. You must RP your injuries accordingly (we are not super soldiers).
6. Respect the DayZRP rules and guidelines.
7. Remain in character at all times in the IC TS channels.
8. You’ll have to agree on our discord, to Perma-Kill you if you betray us and we find out (We strive for realistic Mafia RP).






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Cant wait ?

2 minutes ago, Roach said:

Tony giving a speech to his Soldatos and Capos (From Left to Right: Kyle Williams, Iosif Sokolov, Jango Bale, Tony Moretti, Jimmy Fixer, Soal Gordan)

Hey I took that screen shot! ?

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 Good luck with this group mate. 

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Group is looking amazing, looking forward to RP with you all again!

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I am so buzzed and overly excited about this! 

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@SgtSmithy #welovethedeluca’s

In all seriousness, looking amazing man!

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Group looks bad, good thing I'm not in it haha..... wait a minute? (I'm just kidding don't get triggered)

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This looks really good!

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Ohhhhhhhhhh shit, son! Here we go!

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Looks great guys! I hope the best for you guys! <3 <3 <3

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time to make a chernarussian street gang and do turf wars in cherno lol

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Looks good ? Can't wait to be a cameo in the group with my brothers. 

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Damn, this looks really promising! Best of luck to you guys and girls. Excited where this will go ?

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Get ready for cheap Italian mob references. Good luck! Even 4 days early.


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Looking good!

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Hyyyyyyype! Welcome to the famiglia. ?

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you better come visit me!!!!!! looks good as always ?❤️ move closer!!! 

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Looks sick as hell my man! 
Tiny bit worried about so many members (never been a fan of groups that equal more than 1/3 of a server's max pop,  especially if the majority of members are pretty active, but hey that's just me). 
Apart from that shiny as always, can't wait for exams to be over so I can come back and interact n what not ?

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Gonna be interesting to run into Tony again as Lo and with Will. ?

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Molto bella my friend :D. Good luck @Roach my boy, This will be great!

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Good luck with this one fellas! It'll be fun to RP with you!

Edited by Nelson

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