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Chuck's Concerts

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So, One of my first threads/posts, go easy on me ?

Well, I have a sort of idea, and this is just kinda to see whether you guys would be interested, so I thought I'd get some opinions or feedback, I think it would be pretty awesome if maybe I did like concerts every now and again so everyone can just come together sit round a massive fire, makeshift BBQ,  and just play/listen to music. E.g. Chuck is a singer/guitarist, It would be amazing to have a load of people all come together just to listen to it, or play their own too! I imagine a peaceful place where everyone just puts up with each other just for the sake of the music, no matter what feuds your characters may have between them.

It could provide some really frickin awesome campfire RP and even character development to some degree, probably only last 30 mins or so every now and again but idk, I just thought it would be pretty cool.

If anyone is interested then places could be set up, announcements on the forums etc maybe a mass radio message saying come here for music etc. idk

What do you think? would you be interested? ❤️

Here's an example attached. Little snippet xD


P.S. beanz to anyone who knows the song. And yes, I'm supposed to be humming ?

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1 minute ago, LarryTheLettuce said:

Honestly, It sounds like a great idea and hopefully we can get some more people involved ?

I hope so too!

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