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Elijah Johnson

A burst transmission.

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*Jaguar peers down the road into the town marking some locations on his map before putting it away in his pack and accessing his communicator*

This Jaguar to Tidal sensitive information gathered, need to report ASAP requesting meet in safe location...... I will remain in the area temporarily ....

*The moans of an infected can be heard*

Hold one moment....

*He releases his communicator and takes his rifles aiming for an infected down the road shambling towards him, he pulls the trigger and the sound of a suppressed round tearing through the air causing the infecteds head to explode blood spraying from it before the corpse collapses to the ground *

Area is becoming to hostile will need to relocate will attempt to return in 5 hours...

I've been made ...

*Makes a break for the trees at least a dozen infected rushing after him  the sounds of more shots and gurgled screams can be heard then there is just silence*



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Franklin presses down the PTT, using a New York accent.

"Might not want to have a conversation like that on such a public frequency."
"What with the rumors of cannibals and such."

Franklin releases the PTT and shakes his head.

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*Jaguar breathing heavily several figures chasing him in the background he rushes into a shed and slams the door places his weight against it he slides down changing magazines in his rifle before peering out of a window and responding on his communicator *

Who.... who is this ? What's your name ? How did you get on this frequency ? Nevermind I don't know who you are but your  not who I'm after... wait is that...

*Banging and screams can be heard coming through the radio channel as infected pound and slam into the door*


Shit... they've found me again... grrr got to change frequency Tidal if your hearing this please switch to secure channel .... damn these infected moving to secure location ... Jaguar out

*You hear rapid suppressed shots come from the radio with sounds like wood splintering as if a door was being shot through before he comms go dead*

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Franklin presses down the PTT and speaks in a New York accent.

"Name's Vince, hope you get in contact with whoever you're looking for."

He releases the PTT and clips his radio to his belt.

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