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The Levy's Slavic Happy Fun Time Party

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A drunk cherno mans voice comes over the waves. his voice is obvious drunk but very happy.

" Hello everrrryboody!!!! My name is The LEEEVVVYYY!!!! i am number one! some may know me from my handicapped ways at the pavlovo hospital. I invite all of yous next week -"

*he burps and hiccups and continues*

"weekend on satsurder night to come over to severograd soccer field to drink, smoke, squat and party. booze and smokes will be provided along with party favors. bring your own poison-"

*he burps and hiccups again*

" i wish this to bring the smiles back on errrbodies faces. please no shooty times. this is all about the party. there will be party games and prizes. track suits are optional but encouraged. "

*you can hear him audiably chug some vodka*

"everyone is welcome. leave your drama and your livers at the gate for you shall not be needing either! be happy and be well my friends."

the transmission stops soon after a ciggerette can be heard being lit.  

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*Nikolai yells on the radio*

Lev, blyat! I told you not to touch that vodka until you got out of the wheelchair! Get off the radio and get some sleep, blin.

*The radio goes silent*

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