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Depersonalized - "Recollection"

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It had rained the day prior, the senses of the nose overwhelmed by the soft blanket of dew that had kissed the grass.
The sacred ritual of the dew and grass had made the air sweet, like sugar on the tongue.
A gust of chilling autumn wind rushes over him, caressing his body.

His ears come to life, twitching in all directions as the trees about him shift and sway with the air.
The silence was naturally unbearable, it caused the ears to buzz, then react in succession to ever small sound.
Shifting his weight, he focuses his elbow onto his left leg, his leg dangling down the turret hatch of the T-72.

A slur of coffee in a canteen cup is nestled beside him, the steam from it twirling in the wind like that of a beautiful ballerina.
Picking up an oval of gingerbread with his right hand, he interrupts "her" peaceful dance, dunking the gingerbread into the coffee.

He allows the gingerbread to intertwine with the coffee, making the gingerbread soft and malleable.
Inserting the baked good into his mouth, he smiles to himself, the taste as sweet as the air around him.

Beginning to hum a tune to himself, he is quickly interrupted by the bark of a radio below, he allows the chatter to pass.
A light distant hum tickles his eardrums, he looks up and around himself to find the source.

The sky had darkened and the sun nearly put to bed for a good nights rest.

The distant hum approached aggressively, the source of the noise becoming ever so apparent.
Two Mig-25 fighters streak across the sky, twinkling in the remaining light. 
Their movements similar to that of birds in play, one strictly following behind the other.

Now entering Chernarus." He jokingly whispers to himself, pretending as if he was a flight attendant informing passengers. 

Thinking to himself for a moment he wonders "
By united nation standards and recognition, if I'm correct, we as well are already in Chernarus.
He loosens the strap on his map case, resting the case where his elbow had kissed. 

Flipping open the leather case he traces his finger along the map to find their current location.

After moments of observing the paper beneath the plastic he ex-hails.
He closes the leather case, returning it to where it had rested previously under his arm.
Taking a swig of the now cool coffee he observes the nearly set sun, the night beckons.

Night carried on just as it had started, cool calm and quiet with soft winds to greet him, like routine of the earth.
Another pair of jets drew near, this time coming from the direction of Chernarus, they hiss towards him.

Slowly he crawls himself into the turret cabin of the tank, uncaring of the passing jets.

As the jets pass over, a whistle trails behind, it echos into the cabin from the open hatch. 
His eyes widen, the tank shudders, the howl of an explosion bursts his eardrums.

He awakes in a sweat.
Another bad dream..."
He mumbles to himself.



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Nice story. A like coffee alot so that's plus in the story. Can't wait to see more.

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