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Regarding recent events

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Hassan crouches in a farmhouse as the sun begins to set, open fields behind him. He lets out a sigh as he folds up his prayer mat, and pauses. Reflecting on the day, he reaches for his radio and takes a breath, before beginning to speak as he pushes the PTT.

"Hassan here. To whom it may concern...to the people I just assisted. I am truly sorry for what was experienced by the victim of the events, the actions of the perpetrator were truly unforgiveable. I am glad I was able to do what I could to tend to the affected's wounds."

However, I must make clear my conscience, as I did not reveal the full truth. I knew the perpetrator. I was one of the people who lived with him at the camp we visited. We shared water, broke bread together. I helped mend his wounds when he was punished for his apparent crimes. We believed them to be slander.

"Clearly, given his actions after...we were wrong. And an innocent was hurt because of it. For that, I can only apologize from my heart. It pains me deeply to see such cruelty done to a person. And to know that he was under our roof the entire time, capable of...that...it is unthinkable, unforgiveable even. Had we known that he was such a monster, we would have handed him over long ago. Bias and prejudice clouded our judgement. This will not happen again. That monster deserved everything he got. There is a special place in hell waiting for him.

To the relatives of the affected, I can only ask for your forgiveness. If there is anything I personally can do to make amends, then I will do my utmost to right this wrong. Please do not hold this against my friends. They were as in the dark as I was. I am sorry. Hassan, out."

He runs a hand through his hair, collapsing back to lean against the wall, exhausted and completely emotionally drained. His thoughts wander to the poor girl, her cries and the look of complete terror on her face that he knows will not leave him for a long while.

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Taryn picks up her radio, hearing Hassan and raising her voice at the end, clearly confused.


She's pauses and then continued.

"What happened, Hassan... What are you talking about?"

She releases and waits.

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Hassan perks up at the radio coming to life. His heart sinks as he hears Taryn's voice. He stares at it a few moments before responding.

"Taryn. We need to talk...it's about Mr White...when can you meet me?"

He lets go of the transmit button and sits back.

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She sighs before pushing the button.

"What did he do now? How else could he possibly fuck up?"

She releases the PTT and then thinks back to what was said before. quickly pushing it again.

"Wait... Deserved everything he got?"

She pinches the bridge of her nose. 

"I'll come to you in the morning... it's late now, and i can't be fucked to run home."

She releases the PTT.

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Fae had been sitting alone outside for some time. The contents of her backpack were laid out in front of her as she repacked her bag.
She panicked for a moment, thinking the small white teddy bear she had been carrying had been lost, before remembering she'd handed it to Meika the previous day.
 Though it was a treasure to her, a reminder of those she'd lost, she thought the girl could use it's comfort a lot more than she could. It seemed right to let go of it for a good cause. 
She pushed aside her spare pants as her radio buzzed to life, and she sighed heavily.

"Hassan, it's Fae.
Thank you for all you did yesterday. You helped three heavily armed strangers find a scared little girl without hesitation.
I don't know about the others, but I am eternally grateful, and if there is anything you need, please let me know. I want to make it up to you.
You owe us nothing, you put aside everything to help Meika, it isn't your fault you didn't know what Casey was capable of.

I had also been around that camp. I befriended Casey somewhat, even helped during a medical procedure to fix his tongue.
He made us all believe that these rumours were lies, that he was falsely beaten.

I only wish I could have got my hands on him, the coward got out of this too easily, and scarred a small child in the process"

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*Jack would listen in and have a small smile on his face*

"And then they tell me that it was a joke and the guy just wanted to talk to the kid. "

*He would sigh, shake his head and then put the radio back into his vest as he lets go off of his PTT*

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