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S1 Power Gaming/No regards for hostages' life in Pavlovo Military base - 05/01/2018 23:00

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Server and location: Server 1 and pavlovo Military Base

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5/11/2018 ~23:00

Your in game name: Jake Brady 

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Svoboda

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  time stamps are for stream vod 30:15-30:17 33:20-34:41 39:10-39:23 39:38-39:44 59:50-1:00:55

Detailed description of the events:  I was returning from getting farming supplies for the compound to find a group with yellow arm bands holding up the entire compound. They took us into the office building were we are used for human shields, and told outrages demand for when they leave such we are not allowed to hunt, refuse service to Chernarussian, we can't help syndicate, and we have to prioritize Chernarussian patients ,need to convert religions and if we don't follow this they will kill all our doctors. They left after killing all of presumed Irish based on how they treated the one Irish character who was in the building with me. 

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12 hours ago, Cpt said:


If you're involved, post a POV, if not I've got 3 reminders for you.

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I'm involved as the Russian guy with the Gorka Helmet and Gas Mask [hostage].

POV: As I was talking with Lev @XxGrAipYyxX  a lot of people initiate suddenly for a reason I do not know. We all comply and the rest unfolds in the posted video.

Personally I did not feel that I was power-gamed, it was simply hostage role play, but this is of course for staff to decide. The only thing I question is the sudden initiation and its reason, since I remember @Rolle saying that you can't just straight up initiate on people just cause you are this kind of group that hates that kind of people etc. As for the no regard for hostage life, that is kinda complicated. Pretty much the attacks got handled outside and there were people standing in front of us, the hostages. Of course, this is a very unique tactical move because the opposing force can't just spray through the doors, otherwise they end up killing a hostage and it would be an invalid kill. It's simply a smart and very disadvantageous move for the irish dudes. 

If the OP calls this powergaming simply because we were told to convert to some religion, you can simply lie that you did it IC. They didn't kill the irish because of that one irish guy with us, they killed them because they attempted to fight back the initiation. 

I personally enjoyed the hostile RP provided by Svoboda. 

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I was involved as well,


I was 'undercover' during the initiation of our two groups, walking with the civvies as a hostage before making it to the hostage room, where I took off to fight after hearing a Pd initiate.



The initiation was a planned attack due to IC reasoning leading up to it, it was an attack on the camp, nothing with the individuals inside of it. It was planned to be more of a 'message' than actual robbery(only thing really being taken were guns, which, we did not touch, but I'm sure they were no longer there afterwards ? )


The powergaming that OP is referring to, is demands from Sovbada that;

-The camp cannot provide aid to our enemies

-the camp must prioritize Chernarussians

-and the camp must accept Eastern Orthodox as it's religion(as it was the main religion of Chernarus).

-Some other small demands

Don't see how this is powergaming, this is just a show of force followed up by demands for the camp before releasing hostages after the area was secured of hostiles.


The hostage-situation, was a deterrent, since we were in fact fighting the PD initiatlly. Was hoping that 'putting the hostages in harms way' would deter the POLICE from rushing a building, since the hostages were what they were after.


I can give a full PoV, but the points of the report were all I really have to say.

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I was the Irish lad in this situation. My POV: Svoboda/Kamenici initiated on us, we dropped our weapons and they took us inside one of the buildings. Before we got into the building Bela Ruku attempted to save the day, but to no avail; as the gunfight raged on we formed a shield wall of sorts for the hostage takers. About half an hour into the fight, I was told to go and check outside if anyone was there. I did, and on my way back inside, managed to sneak into a backroom. I sat there for a while, listening, before drawing my pistol and attempting to shoot someone through the door, which sadly didn't work. I put the pistol away after they remarked "it must be a sniper" and then pretended I had been shot by said sniper. Anyways couple minutes later they released us and we were told to the tell the hospital staff and otherwise go our separate ways. 

IMO the Rp was top tier and the hostage safety thing never really was a problem since the firefight never actually got to us.

at 59:05 you can see me go into the room. They dont notice, somehow. 

At 1:01:35 I start blasting.

There's probably quite a bit more that I could say but its all covered in the video so no real need. Anyways I'm gonna go get shitfaced unless staff needs me to elaborate. Cheerio, lads.

Honestly very disappointing that the OP took this straight to the report section. Do you seriously not have the common courtesy to at least approach them in TS, first? 

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hey yeah uhh i have had a few drink for immersion reasons..... so here we are. just chilling out in the compound. my dumb broke ass in a wheel chair. out of no where yellow armbands come in like locusts an start yelling hands up hands up. no idea why. so everyone complies to every demand. then we are up in the hospital office building. then we are told to get infront of our hostage takers and then are used as meat shields. personally i think this is no value for hostage life due to that putting us in harms way in a situation that we are forced in though we did not come into harm, if the irish had stormed the place and opened the door we would be the first ones shot. also i was shot by accident due to zombies glitching through the door and i was not given any aide by my hostage takers. i think it was about to be attempted but then we were all orded out of the building. like previously stated that is up for the admins to decide. all in all i think there was no reason to do this to the place. the hospital had simular issues with people comming in and just throwing their dicks in peoples faces. even tho the hospital is a neutral zone for everyone. we have had people throw human meat over the fences and had people tell everyone we are cannibals or are experimenting on people. i'm not apart of the community but jesus. everyone is being told to do a bunch of shit or they have to die. go find us automatics and bullets. u can not hunt in this country anymore and you are now orthodox. sure its easy to say ic is ic but forcing ppl to rp a certain way for no reason is messed up. i can't speak for anyone but my character never met any of these characters or the group it self before. i feel they had little to no reason to initiate on this place and if it is a group goal to just big dick ppl into submission how did they get approved if they are. excuse the ramble like i said had a few to drink so i could play a better drunk cherno slav sqautter in a wheel chair. (apologies for grammar.)

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My PoV is basically...I drop a text bomb to give my group rights, then i hold the stairs for a bit in the tech building and head to the hostage room to guard those guys. I dome a guy and my gun jams and proceed to RP with the hostages for a bit afterwards. (for clarification i was the guy sitting by the bench in front of the hostages)

On another note. Did i see you metagaming at 18:15 (most notably) in your video and several other occasions?

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I'd just like to clarify as seen in the stream, Sylva is no longer apart of Svoboda Movement - I'm currently the leader of the group.

my pov as svoboda organizer and organizer of the entire situation:

We knew this was coming, so I prepared a steady response to this.

Goals of the hospital skirmish:

1. Invoke fear among non-chernarussians in the area.

2. Demand that hospital staff refuse to treat syndicate and or ex-syndicate and corporation, and threaten a retaliation if this we find out this happens.

3. Make it out of the situation peacefully without killing anybody, and providing good roleplay and maybe an interesting character arc for those involved.

2/3 goals were achieved, the third being our only mistake, although those killed were not hostages, but those retaliating to our hostage taking.

I'd also like to note that converting was not a goal, it was simpily mentioned when the Irish character (@Sylva) began to openly pray in a catholic fashion, when those assigned with guarding hostages mentioned that the only true form of Christianity is Orthodox, and that he would be force-converted if we had the time - but it was an empty threat as we simply didn't have the time.

Unfortunately, it's sometimes impossible to give interesting hostileRP without people retaliating and initiating some sort of PvP combat. The hostages were kept safe in a well secure building, and were lined up in the hallway as a terror tactic so that the individuals felt worthless and that, if the enemy made it into the secure building - they would refrain from just instantly shooting us and would decide to do some sort of negotiation roleplay. Throughout the situation, hostages were offered food, water and aid if needed, and the character playing in a wheelchair was facilitated. 

As for culling Irish people, we were informed by the hostages that the individuals attacking us were Irish, we addressed them as Irish and kept mentioning to the hostages that we've killed them in order to diminish their morale, if purging Irish people was our goal, we would've shot Sylva's character. .

I'll add more if needed!


edit: just watched the entire stream, the building was secure and had no chance of people storming the front door until we decided to move you boys out. I see the main concern here is having you boys lined up in the hall, it was an attempt at psychologically draining you and having you believe that the opposing side could storm the building at any moment and accidentally gun you down, when the building was in fact secure to the point that nobody is getting past the bottom stairwell.

basic pov:

Ran into compound, group initiated on individuals, put them on a wall - disarmed. Moved them in a congo line to the office building.

Was in-charge of hostages, stood behind hostages providing to their OOC needs to continue roleplay. Was somewhat lackluster in IC interaction as the Russian, UN dude and Irishman were absolutely hilarious to listen to. 

Made clear threats and re-iterated the goals of the hostage taking/show of power. 

Lead the hostages outside, left the situation and ran to regroup and Green Mountain Holiday Camp, then to Svetlojarsk. 

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@Stannis and @Cpt were you there during this situation? I'm unsure of your responses, they dont provide any POV(Stannis you stated what was seen on stream but other then that...). If you have a POV and you were involved in the situation, post a POV, if not dont comment further. Logs coming momentarily. 

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Hi there. I was there during this situation as Captain Heller Bale ("The UN guy").

Ignoring the insane hypocrisy of their group's ideals (but they are nationalists, so nothing odd there) I see nothing to get irked about with the roleplay.

A number of us were talking at the front of the upper hospital in the Pavlovo when Svoboda turned up and initiated.  After an initial disarmament against the corrugated fence we were marched to the lower medical facility, then taken upstairs. It should be noted that there were shots during the march and I believe someone may have been executed, but probably because they didn't do as told.
When inside we were lined up against the wall, then soon after one of the men inside ordered us to line across the hallway as human shields, as a fight had broken out between Svoboda and the Irish group that had taken over 'protection' for the hospital. One of the Svoboda men explained that their initial plan would be to negotiate with the Irish, however once it turned out they had the upper hand (and admittedly the Irish started guerrilla fighting by the sounds of it) they decided to just finish them off. Whilst lined up we had 1/2 Svoboda men behind us, and one in front covering the door. The only time one of the Irish made it to that door, the man in front killed him immediately, so we weren't injured.

During the situation Svoboda explained what they wanted of us (their demands have been covered accurately in previous POVs). After explaining this, they did nothing to stop us talking and roleplaying, and also cared for the character who was roleplaying having a broken leg. They gave saline to the one man who caught a shot when infected phased through the door into the corridor, and did nothing to stop me taking a drink when I needed it. They made it extremely clear that they were here not to rob, or to kill, but to deliver demands - I am of the belief that this would have been a short, if aggressive, visit if the Irish had not been there to fight back. They were here for a show of force, not an actual fight.

Whether or not their use of human shields is counted as no care for hostages isn't up to me to decide, but given that they even said that their hope was that the sight of us would stop the Irish shooting I personally have no issues with it. I may have been a little upset if I'd died in a crossfire, but at the end of they day they did successfully protect us before delivering their message and leaving WITHOUT stripping us of all our gear.

Only thing that upset me is one of the bastards took the dead Irishman's FN FAL. I wanted that damned gun.

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1 hour ago, Stannis said:

1. Invoke fear among non-chernarussians in the area.

Not a valid reason to initiate.


1 hour ago, Stannis said:

2. Demand that hospital staff refuse to treat syndicate and or ex-syndicate and corporation, and threaten a retaliation if this we find out this happens.

You can't demand that other groups change their goals to what you want, otherwise you'll keep attacking them. That's just nicely walking around rules 6.1 and 6.2 - simply demand that group you want to attack must change something about them or else - free initiation rights all day long. Not in my house.

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19 minutes ago, Rolle said:

Not a valid reason to initiate.


You can't demand that other groups change their goals to what you want, otherwise you'll keep attacking them. That's just nicely walking around rules 6.1 and 6.2 - simply demand that group you want to attack must change something about them or else - free initiation rights all day long. Not in my house.

This wasn't the main goal of the operation, the main goal was to prevent our hostiles from getting the support from a hospital which is providing free health. 


The situation is justified as:


We've been at conflict with the Syndicate & corporation for a while now, we're trying our hardest to prevent them from finding any aid within Chernarus, if someone is providing aid to our enemies, we need to deal with that; so instead of running into the compound and purposely creating a PvP fest, we ran in, made fair IC demands through hostage taking, further enriched roleplay in the area and among factions. 

We heard multiple times IC from a vast array of IC sources that Syndicate have bunkered down in the hospital, we need to do something. Due to this possibly leaking into OOC cancer like this, we decided to check the forums just to double-check that our actions will in-fact be justified and found:



19 minutes ago, Rolle said:

That's just nicely walking around rules 6.1 and 6.2 - simply demand that group you want to attack must change something about them or else - free initiation rights all day long. Not in my house.

It's not walking around rules 6.1 and 6.2, It's creating hostile group relations and allowing roleplay to flourish across both factions. Capax Infiniti are a neutral faction, who are allies with both the Syndicate, and the CDF - but yet the Syndicate is declared as a terrorist organisation. So we've decided that the hospital can choose either to support Chernarussians, or to support a group that has been branded as terrorists. The intention isn't to gain free initiations, and it's kinda demeaning that you believe that this whole thing was to gain initiation rights. Our goal is to create more roleplay, not PvP or shoot at people, we want to create a roleplay development that Capax Infiniti need to solve themselves. Our intention isn't to kill peoples characters and ruin peoples fun, our intention is to allow peoples characters to form and shape into something different, to form their own ideas and opinions of each faction. This is why one of our goals of the entire operation was to not kill anyone. 

If someone is directly allied to our enemy, it's an issue - we gave them the option to choose today. It doesn't mean we're going to attack the hospital 24/7 because they protect Syndicate, it simply means that they're also going to be branded as an enemy to our faction.

If you're not allowed to demand anything through hostile roleplay, why have it?

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So wait, as seen in:



This group is allied with a group that the Chernarussian government(and therefor my group as well, since they like the govt, and also don't like gun/drug smugglers in their country), yet we are not allowed to go in and demand they cut ties with them?

And before you go 'well you can just talk it out without initiating'- Why argue, when both parties have weapons, when you can demand when only one does?

Though yes this could be it's own topic, but if it means that we're at risk of 'invalid initiation' bans, could we get a clarification on what would be a valid initiation? Or are they simply untouchable because they're a 'neutral party' status?


And at no point did we demand they change their group goals- it was literally saying 'don't give syndicate aid or else' as a demand. There's an ultimatum, if they chose to accept it or not should be left up to IC actions, and these IC actions should lead to IC consequences.


As per the powergaming-


I don't see how initiating, and demanding the hospital meet the demands is seen as powergaming? At no point would strong arming a group(hospital) to refuse treatment to a certain group(syndicate) be 'beyond game mechanics control'?  Just because a group gives an ultimatum doesn't mean you are FORCED to follow it? You can;

-Hide from the group who is enforcing this prejudice

-Fight back from the group enforcing this prejudice

-Listen to the group and meet their demands?

That's a 3 way street for any scenario stated in OP's report.


The only thing that I have an issue with would be the- using hostages as shields situation. But wouldn't that be at the responsibility of the hostage saviors to not shoot the hostages?



ALSO: The initial initation was done from the POLICE! not the IRISH! The firefight that kicked off the whole scenario was between Svobada+Kamenici  vs. BRPD(and Irish came about 30 mins later).

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45 minutes ago, Rolle said:

You can't demand that other groups change their goals to what you want

Sorry for the double post here... but let's say in a hypothetical situation there's a group that is smuggling drugs into the country, and you're apart of a military/police faction.

You're saying that you're not allowed to demand said group to stop smuggling drugs into the country?

Just need to clarify.

Also, how do you make enemies in game? if we cant force a group to change something about them, do we just fight until once side either archives? Since we can't make them change the thing we don't like about them?

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Whilst it's unrelated to the facts of my initial POV, I'd like to voice my support for the Svoboda guys here. I see nothing wrong with you going in and making demands. They initiated in order to make demands at gunpoint - it was a show of force, something that happens. The hypocrisy here is that people have been banned for ruleplay over roleplay, yet here you are saying their GOOD roleplay isn't allowed because it bends the rules slightly? They initiated, took care of us, gave us their message and left. They gave us KoS rights, that's the risk they took, and they chose to take it.

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Wyoming's POV: 

I get myself kitted out with a nice fake UN outfit and walk into the hospital compound with my spy, who is wearing blue medical scrubs, we proceed to talk in a fashion as such we have already been in the hospital and are friendly individuals, me and the spy go to the top of the hospital.(we never state we work there, we were suprisingly never questioned when we enter)

The initiation gets drops and I raise my weapons on the people below, the spy sits inside hidden and then once the situation is under control I lead the spy out of the compound and send him on his way. I then later get a message askin to log out, he was in a dynamic and wasn't ever properly initiated on, so I give him perms to log and he goes and sorts out whatever problem he was having.

after this I'm walking around the hills pretending to be an escaped hostage, I advise 2 people to leave the area (they do, as they should, this was an incredibly active firefight at that point), I then walk to the hospital and get intiated on, told to leave the area, I walk south up then hill, see someone, go to say hello, then I'm shot.

-end of POV-

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Our plan was to go to the hospital and send a message. Visually we wanted to line people up and cause a stir in the camp, rather than belittle what hospital staff were there momentarily. If we had asked people loudly to line up for a message, that'd be taken as an initiation, so we decided to just straight up initiate as it's more exciting, surprising, and interesting for all parties involved.

We grouped up in the Pavlovo church before the event, and I split off from the main hostage taking group to provide overwatch from a nearby hill. The hostages were taken to no resistance, until another group of heavily armed dudes showed up, and I shot one and then subsequently got shot.

As for the 3 accusations we are under (Powergaming, Invalid initiation, No regards for hostages life), these are quickly dispelled:

- Powergaming implies forcing a status on a player's character. We made demands then left, no permascarring or rather permaconverting as the OP implies. 

- The human shields are justified under 9.4.4. As the rescue party opened fire upon us, we would've been permitted to execute hostages, let alone use them as shields.

4 hours ago, Rolle said:

Not a valid reason to initiate. 

You can't demand that other groups change their goals to what you want, otherwise you'll keep attacking them. That's just nicely walking around rules 6.1 and 6.2 - simply demand that group you want to attack must change something about them or else - free initiation rights all day long. Not in my house.

-As for invalid reason for initiation, apart from the arguments stated by my compatriots, I have a few things add. There used to be a group of players playing Nigerian characters who would go around persecuting white people. The same thing (Initiating on people IC based on their race/ethnicity) has happened in many other groups such as Alba 19.                                                 

The situation that we have here is that there exists in game a group whose goals we disagree with. We decided to give them an ultimatum - change or there will be armed conflict. Isn't that the nature of any group conflict on this server? Conflicting goals. The "or else - free initiation rights all day long" that you are describing would be the "indefinite kill rights" granted to us by rule 7.3 if this comes to group war. The "or else" would be the declaration of war against a party that has not met our demands.

That other party would be Capax Infiniti, which I understand is not yet an official group and therefore would not be able to give a reciprocal declaration of war til approved, however to ignore their actions IC because of their status on the forum would be both metagaming and ruleplay over roleplay.


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Im just gonna Slam my POV into this party I attended the party so. Jenkins POV:

After doing some stuff we went down to Pavlovo, Jenkins looked around and saw the rain then an Initiation hands goes up I get a threat we reinitiate people dies left and right we kill some Svobodas thats pretty power hungry now that Anarchy is gone. Svoboda were like the russians thier numbers pushed us back when one Svoboda died 2 more popped up. Then we got words about that they started to use the hostages as shields like it was cod or something. Dont really wanna push in when they are using human shields and shooting a hostage and get banned for it no thanks.

I get shoot and goes down hole thing was a cluster 

End of pov 

No video

idk man this part is pretty wierd for me this picture is just screaming for someone to get hit with an invalid kill


(Stannis screen not my)

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20 hours ago, BorisRP said:

idk man this part is pretty wierd for me this picture is just screaming for someone to get hit with an invalid kill

or for someone to actually try role-playing a decent negotiation instead of just running in shooting and screaming. Both stairwells were secure well before we lined them up across the hall way - there was no intent for the hostages to actually be used as shields, simply to demoralize the individuals held hostage. Hence the guy holding the door in-front of them.


EDIT: clutter removed above

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-User has been warned for this post-


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Friendly reminder, if you are NOT involved directly in the situation that took place in the report do NOT post in this Report. This is NOT a discussion and only serves to clutter the thread. All discussion posts have been hidden, please take any further discussions to PMs or further punishments will result.

This is the only Warning this Report will get.

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My pov 

I heard late about this so when i met up with my group north of pavlovo i was still very confused about what the plan was.

We waited in pavlovo for a bit before heading to the front gate of the compound.

We went in initiated took hostages disarmed them and told them yo follow in a singel file line.

I walk around rhe compund for a minute or two looking for poeple that were hiding.

I found no one then i started hearing shots i run into the building where the hostages were held.

I hear that it was one irish dead one svoboda dead.

I am hiding on the floor above  where the hostages are held.

After a while i need some water so i go asking my freinds for water one of the hostages gave me some wich was nice.

Anyway we hold the door for a while and then we leave.


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8 hours ago, Stannis said:

Can my post be restored,I don’t want my entire mini-essay removed of me defending myself in a report using a discussion to justify the said reported actions. 

I've hidden my post as well, to avoid report clutter.

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21:27:49 | Player "Heller Bale" is connected (id= )
00:09:28 | Player "Heller Bale"(id= ) has been disconnected

22:14:12 | Player "Oskar Hosek" is connected (id= )
00:02:39 | Player "Oskar Hosek"(id= ) has been disconnected

22:20:12 | Player "Ceslav Kruskal" is connected (id= )
23:42:37 | Player "Ceslav Kruskal"(id= ) has been disconnected

22:32:38 | Player "Cullen Shae" is connected (id= )
23:06:39 | Player "Cullen Shae"(id= ) has been disconnected

22:16:52 | Player "Mikhail Barta" is connected (id= )
22:59:40 | Player "Mikhail Barta"(id= ) has been disconnected
23:00:59 | Player "Mikhail Barta" is connected (id= )
23:44:32 | Player "Mikhail Barta"(id= ) has been disconnected
23:44:41 | Player "Mikhail Barta" is connected (id= )
00:07:29 | Player "Mikhail Barta"(id= ) has been disconnected

22:43:38 | Player "Stepan Cernik" is connected (id= )
23:10:46 | Player "Stepan Cernik"(id= ) has been disconnected

20:03:33 | Player "Nikolai Dimitrov" is connected (id= )
23:47:31 | Player "Nikolai Dimitrov"(id= ) has been disconnected

22:14:27 | Player "Jake Brady" is connected (id= )
23:29:17 | Player "Jake Brady"(id= ) has been disconnected



23:12:48 | Chat("Jake Brady"(id= )): *grabs man's waist and throws him over sholder*
23:14:04 | Chat("Jake Brady"(id= )): *sets him down proped against the wall)
21:27:10 | Chat("Nikolai Dimitrov"(id= )): //for me ou are not wearing pants, bug?
21:27:48 | Chat("Nikolai Dimitrov"(id= )): // it has not but I will play as you have pants on
22:05:15 | Chat("Nikolai Dimitrov"(id= )): *pulls out a folder with 5 pages of data, tests, experiments and overall data of the strain*
22:09:31 | Chat("Nikolai Dimitrov"(id= )): *searches hastily through the backpack and grabs a small universal use cream from it*
22:09:46 | Chat("Nikolai Dimitrov"(id= )): *hands it to her*
22:31:03 | Chat("Nikolai Dimitrov"(id= )): *pulls out a can of beans and pries it open with my knife*
22:51:22 | Chat("Stepan Cernik"(id= )): //That was me that shot your doods xD
22:51:42 | Chat("Stepan Cernik"(id= )): *Shifts a bit uncomfortably*
23:03:08 | Chat("Stepan Cernik"(id= )): *frowns*
23:06:34 | Chat("Stepan Cernik"(id= )): *looks to be reminiscing*
23:09:26 | Chat("Stepan Cernik"(id= )): *shakes head*
22:23:27 | Chat("Mikhail Barta"(id= )): //Take pants off and put back on
22:33:06 | Chat("Mikhail Barta"(id= )): *Slides his m4 down*
22:34:20 | Chat("Mikhail Barta"(id= )): *Grabs the wheelchair and pulls it back, pushing him along*
22:37:02 | Chat("Mikhail Barta"(id= )): *Pulls it back, wheeling it up the stairs*
22:37:21 | Chat("Mikhail Barta"(id= )): *Grabs the wheelchair, folding it and carrying it*
22:31:30 | Chat("Ceslav Kruskal"(id= )): EVERYONE PUT YOUR HANDS UP OR YOU'RE DEAD!
23:21:52 | Chat("Ceslav Kruskal"(id= )): ///description of the wound
22:15:03 | Chat("Oskar Hosek"(id= )): // hold on
22:15:22 | Chat("Oskar Hosek"(id= )): // about 7 of us logging in
22:15:27 | Chat("Oskar Hosek"(id= )): // all logged off in same spot
21:41:53 | Chat("Heller Bale"(id= )): *Heller kneels down and yanks a knife form his boot.*
21:53:38 | Chat("Heller Bale"(id= )): *Heller leans in to exmaine the arm. Any injuries?*
22:01:54 | Chat("Heller Bale"(id= )): *Heller removes a saline bag and an IV kit.*
22:02:44 | Chat("Heller Bale"(id= )): *Heller removes a long string and ties it around the man's arm, just under the elbow.*
22:11:04 | Chat("Heller Bale"(id= )): *Bale takes it and shakes the hand.*
22:21:51 | Chat("Heller Bale"(id= )): *Heller examines the man's FN FAL. He has serious gun envy.*
22:32:59 | Chat("Heller Bale"(id= )): *Heller moves one hand slowly to remove his weapons.*
23:10:20 | Chat("Heller Bale"(id= )): *Heller reinsers the whiskey in his pocket.*


Due to not being able to see the chat log in the video I was unable to tell if these logs are correctly lined up correctly. If they are not, PM me telling me so I can update them accordingly. 

@reflex_scorch in your video you are clearly speaking into your radio throughout multiple points in the video, please list the allies you were speaking to in your radio.

@Stannis from what I can see in your POV, you were the one to order the hostages into the human shield formation correct? 

If we missed any allies please list them here. If you have anymore video evidence on the situation post it here, unedited.

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