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Shiromar's Story.

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Name: "Shiromar" Richardson

American, 27 years old, 5'7"

Growing up, I always assumed that everyone was like me. I was raised in a medium sized city with not too much going for it. I had a pretty decent family and many friends. Life seemed pretty normal at the time, at least until it was time for me to enter school. Everything seemed to have come naturally to me, with the material being almost boring. The staff at the school did everything they could to try to keep me occupied. By the second year I had already learned the material for the next six years of schooling. Everything they threw at me I was able to master without much effort at all. My teacher recognized that I wasn't satisfied and sought advise from outside sources as to what to do. These outside sources talked to my parents and with their permission took me to a special facility. I knew something was not quite right when my parents were devastated as I was leaving. It wasn't until later that I realized that I would probably never see them again; I had against my will become a dog of the military. The outside sources were actually recruiters for specialized programs within the military. They had recognized my talent and intended to train me to do whatever job needed to be done. They promised that I would be extremely well taken care of, although I would live a very secluded life. Being guaranteed that I would never have to worry about anything again, I accepted their offer. I was only six when all of this happened. They told me to forget my past, in which they then assigned me a new name. They also assigned me a new surname to avoid being linked back to my family. "Shiromar" Richardson would be my name from now on.

During this training I studied many advanced subjects as well as a great amount of physical training. They wanted to not only ensure that my mind was at its peak performance, but that my body could withstand anything they threw at it. While I was able to be extremely fit and in shape, my body did not appear to be as advanced as my mind. By no means was my body weak, but my mind was on a completely different level. By the age of twenty I had seemingly mastered a vast amount of advanced subjects. They told me that if I had gone to college, I would have over four doctorates in various subjects including mathematics, engineering, physics and chemistry. They tested me in many varying jobs, all of which I was able to preform well beyond the expected standards. But it was never enough. It still wasn't anywhere near challenging to me. It was at this point that instead of focusing on improving my mind, they would focus on other abilities. They began training me to be the perfect soldier. Just as with my studies, I was able to quickly master most firearms that were tossed my way. Accuracy like they had never seen before from someone who had just been handed a rifle for the first time. This was one of the first times in my life that I had actually experienced what could only be described as joy. The adrenaline rush from maneuvering through the simulations was something I had never experienced before. The next step was to progress to sniping, which was regarded to as a much more difficult form that close quarters combat. I enjoyed sniping the most, as I found having to calculate bullet drop, bullet spin and wind speed into every shot to be the perfect balance between my talents. I had finally found something that I truly enjoyed doing.

Months before I was to finish the program, things started to go massively downhill at the facility. Suddenly the people who had been training me my whole life had disappeared and been replaced with new people. They wouldn't disclose what had happened, but almost the entire program had been replaced. I took an interest as to what happened to my fellow classmates and officers, so I began to look into things. It didn't take long for me to find that the program had been taken over and everyone involved was being eliminated one by one. I gathered my belongings and escaped as fast as I could. But it was already too late. They knew what I had found out and began to hunt me down. I would now live the rest of my life on the run using the skills that I had developed during my training to stay alive.

Many years had passed since I first escaped the grasp of this new organization. I moved quite frequently, sometimes only staying in one area for a few weeks at a time. Thanks to the skills that I had developed during my training I was able to move from job to job easily. Just like I was promised, I never had to worry about anything again; except for this new force that was determined to find me. One night as I was relocating again, they were one step ahead of me for once. I found myself surrounded by a large number of solider in my apartment complex. A fierce firefight broke out in the apartment as I had to kill my way out of this one. Many times I had escaped without every causing a conflict, but this time would be different. Soldiers by the dozen were pouring into the area. I believed that this was the end of it all. No matter how many I killed, they kept lining up to die one by one. At this point I was running extremely low on ammo, as I tried to keep my stash as small as possible to avoid being too obvious. On my last magazine of ammo, a stranger in a dark cloak snuck up behind me and told me of a way out of the building. With no other viable options left I decided to trust this stranger. He led us into a duct in the ceiling that he said would connect to the roof of our neighboring building. After we had momentarily escaped danger the stranger decloaked to reveal who he was. As it turned out, he happened to be a classmate that had survived. He claimed that he had been following me for months after discovering who I was. He felt that sometime soon the day would come that we could not survive on our own anymore. And his timing couldn't have been any better. He told me of a group of like minded individuals that he had made contact with back in New York that ran small operations to survive. He insisted that we should try to make contract to them to remain safe. No longer would we be able to defend ourselves against this massive force trying to exterminate us.

We headed to New York and spent many months trying to make contact with this group. The attacks increased exponentially and we did not have much time left. Sometimes we were attacked more than once a day. One night while relocating again, we were attacked by a small convoy of armored vehicles. Surrounded and vastly outnumbered and overpowered, we lowered our weapons and surrendered. Moments later explosions around us had destroyed half of the convoy. We quickly rearmed and ran for cover, not knowing where the fire was coming from. It was now a three way firefight; our enemy and a now unknown force. The other half of the convoy quickly retreated as the new force was still completely unseen. As we moved out from cover to escape, a small armored vehicle drove next to us and demanded that we get in quickly. Caught off guard and with soldiers aiming at us, we jumped in and quickly disarmed ourselves. A sigh of relief followed by a chuckle came from my comrade. He then explained that this was part of the group that we were looking for all this time. It was explained to us that the group had found out about our efforts to reach them and decided that they would investigate before revealing themselves so easily. They escorted us back to their headquarters, which was an underground garage on the outskirts of the city. It was a multiple layer base that was extremely well hidden. There we explained our situation and the group agreed to safehouse us and include us into their operations. With the help of this new mercenary group that we were apart of we evaded the organization for many years. The group consisted of about seven men total. Each of us very specialized and knowledge in our respective areas. We operated very efficiently as a small group, never failing to complete our mission at any cost. This resulted in us being outcasts; contractual mercenaries to only the highest paying bidder.

It all changed sometime during the summer of 2005. This was the year that would change my life forever. Our mission was to rescue a group of prisoners of war taken hostage about three months ago. The United States had finally located a small encampment where higher ranking soldiers were locked away to be tortured for information rather than executed. This mission required only the absolute best to carry it out. That's where we came in. I was to sit on a small hill about 700 meters away from the encampment to carry out overwatch and provide cover fire if needed. It all just seemed like another normal mission to be carried out. We estimated that the encounter should only last minutes, as intel had reported that over half of the group of terrorists had gone out to carry out an attack on a local convoy. Everyone was in place, with the attack to be carried out within minutes. I spotted about seven men in uniform inside the building patrolling with assault rifles. This mission seemed to be getting easier and easier by the minute. As we breached the front and side doors, something felt off. Suddenly the men that were patrolling inside the compound disappeared. The team searched the compound, but found no evidence that there was ever anyone held captive here. They regrouped as fast as they could to evacuate the premises; but it was too late. Many small explosives went off around the perimeter of the compound causing a cave in of sorts. The rest of my team was now trapped inside this compound, and there was nothing on comms but completely silence. I surveyed the area and saw nothing. I only had moments to act, as it could be life or death for my team. I ditched half of my equipment and sprinted for the compound. About half way to the compound, I couldn't even hear the shot as I was pierced through the shoulder by enemy fire. It was heavy caliber fire, as I went down immediately and couldn't regain enough strength to stand up. This was it... I was meant to die on this day next to my comrades. I quickly lost consciousness as the blood poured from my wound. That's the last I remember of that day.

I woke up what seemed like days later, chained to an operating table surrounded by soldiers. We were in what I could only describe as a system of caves meant to be hidden from any public view. The kind of place that if you entered unwillingly you would never see the light of day again. Next to me was most of my team, with the exception of two that didn't survive the initial blast. Our worst fear had became reality; the organization we had been running form for so long finally got the better of us. They had treated our woulds and kept us captive in order to interrogate us after we had recovered. We were all thrown into a cell together that had guards around the clock. There was no time to talk about anything. Later that night we could hear explosions echoing in the distance. The soldiers that were guarding our cell seemed on edge. We overheard them saying that the base was under attack the the United States Army. At that moment a missile hit the side of the mountain and the cave became unstable. I quickly lunged at the guard and choked him through the gate while the others found the keys. After locating his keys and unlocking the cell we quickly ran for what we thought was the exit, as the cave was going to collapse within minutes. It was a full scale battle going on outside as the Army and the organization battled it out. As we continued down the tunnels, the sounds of battle were getting farther and farther away. When we finally saw light, we realized that we were on the other side of the caves. There were crates of guns and ammunition all over the area, this was obviously where they stashed their resources. We quickly grabbed everything that we needed and started to depart. As we were leaving the area the firefight have moved through the caves and soldiers were now coming out of the caves by the dozens. We tried to lay low and remain silent, but were spotted and started taking heavy fire. The area was slightly forested, but didn't provide much cover. We held off as long as we could, but the soldiers kept emerging as if there was an unlimited supply. Even with the vast amount of supplies that we obtained from the stash, we were running low on ammo. The bodies of the slain soldiers were piled up providing excellent cover for the enemy soldiers. It wasn't enough though.

Even with our vastly superior skill-set we were heavily outnumbered and surrounded. A few of us had been hit multiple times, but struggled to keep going in hope that eventually the enemy reinforcements would end. We retreated deeper into the forest with hopes that the enemy wouldn't follow us. This worked little to our advantage, as we now were taking fire from an enemy that couldn't be seen. Exhausted from the events of the last few days and our last stand outside the cave, my comrades were being picked off one by one. At this point there was only myself and one other left. We would break off in opposite directions with the hopes that one of us would get away. I ran for many miles before finally feeling safe. There was absolutely no sign of civilization anywhere. As the sun continued to go down, I sought out shelter in a small nearby cave. It was a very small cave, big enough to be comfortable and yet the entrance was small enough to remain hidden. Weeks passed by and there were no signs of any soldiers in the area. I searched daily to see if there were any nearby towns or any signs of life, but there was nothing. One morning I woke to being surrounded by men. In my sleep they had taken my weapons and waited for me to awake. To my surprise they were not the familiar soldiers of the organization hunting me down, but a small group of varying races. Their leader Marcus Leon sought to talk to me, waiving the other men away to leave us to talk. He started off by letting me know that he meant no threat, and that his group had found discovered my territory while passing through the area. Not knowing where I was, I asked him what our location was. He explained that we were near a place called Chernarus where an outbreak had overtaken the population and most of the civilians had became infected with a plague. Their mission was to head to Chernarus for a goal they all kept secret. He said that he would reveal more as I gained their trust. He offered me a position in his group, as they could use someone with military training as the group was mostly comprised of people with non military backgrounds. I accepted his offer as I could not stand to stay in the desolated area any longer. We packed up my stockpile of food and headed out for Chernarus in the morning. It was then that my real journey started...

Let me know what you think! Hopefully the admins see this here as well in case they don't want to download the file, as this was actually too long to fit the entire story in my application.

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