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Server time (UTC): 2020-10-28, 04:49
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Server 1- Invalid initiation/RDM/Combat log/No regard for hostage safety

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Server and location: S1 - Electro Train Tracks (East Side)

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-05-09, 01:30

Your in game name: Craig Sloan

Names of allies involved: KrissBlade (Keith Keiser)

Name of suspect/s: Greg Larsky https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/14821-urban_sniper/

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Offroad Hatchback

Detailed description of the events: I was running to meet up with Kriss who was coming to pick me up on the Eastern side of Electro but was confronted by Greg who I had met on the train tracks East side of Electro. Almost immediately after, he aimed down and shot me in the legs, bandaged me, tied me up and ran away. I attempted to talk to him OOC by doing // but was given no response. Kriss drove past me once I had broke cuffs as I told him on the radio what happened and as he rounded the corner, he saw Greg running down the road and then had vanished since he had logged off. We gave him the benefit of the doubt and waited for him to log back on but never did.

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Kriss's POV:

Getting bored, I went ahead and decided to talk to the Black Roses IC but knowing @Anoymouse OOC, he just pulled me in and we had some banter after we did our IC stuff. Craig then requested a pick-up from Kamishovo since I had a pristine conditioned Offroad Hatchback to take him to Green Mountain where all of the Black Roses were at the time. It wasn't long before Craig told us that he saw a guy and was gonna talk to him, but ended up being shot in the legs just as I entered Electro from the western side. He told us that he was cuffed and didn't know what to do. Apparently, this Greg guy just aimed at him, shot him, bandaged him and tied him up as Gibby states in his report and then ran off immediately. I was told by Craig to just hang back a bit but continued on to find the guy and the minute I got close to him, his character vanished. The server being laggy as it is today, we assumed he crashed and waited, but after some time we just came to the conclusion that he just logged off. After checking with Craig, he had left him with no food, no means of self defense and a sprained ankle. I did manage to patch him back up and give him a rifle and new pants but that was it.

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Pulling logs of the situation:

Hit logs:

02:29:36 | "Greg Larsky SHOT Craig Sloan by AK74 into leftleg."
02:29:36 | "Craig Sloan STATUS S::1500 B::3447 H::4330 HP::0."
02:29:36 | "Greg Larsky SHOT Craig Sloan by AK74 into leftleg."
02:29:36 | "Craig Sloan STATUS S::2000 B::2947 H::4130 HP::0."
02:29:37 | "Craig Sloan STARTS BLEEDING."

Chat logs:

02:15:56 | Chat("Craig Sloan": // join the mentor program, you need it
02:30:02 | Chat("Craig Sloan": //I can hear you boy
02:30:09 | Chat("Craig Sloan": //cant*
02:30:16 | Chat("Craig Sloan": //seriously

 Connection Logs:

01:55:17 | Player "Greg Larsky" is connected 
02:32:28 | Player "Greg Larsky" has been disconnected

01:38:54 | Player "Craig Sloan" is connected
03:04:58 | Player "Craig Sloan" has been disconnected
03:07:59 | Player "Craig Sloan" is connected
03:24:46 | Player "Craig Sloan" has been disconnected

Calling in @Urban_Sniper to give his full POV of the situation. If you have any video evidence of the situation. Please provide them.

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@Urban_Sniper has been temp banned until he responds to this report.

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Since @Urban_Sniper has failed to post his POV in a reasonable amount of time, we cannot keep this report open for any longer. Urban_Sniper will remain temporarily banned from the server until he makes a ban appeal with his POV. When he posts his appeal, we can come to a reasonable conclusion to this report through the ban appeal. We apologize we were unable to come to a conclusion on this report.


@Urban_Sniper - Will remain temp banned until he posts an appeal

Signed by @Brady and @Brayces


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