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ZachDobbins Appeal and Question

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: I believe since this happened such a long time ago and me being away from my computer for this amount of time due to having to attend school I have overstayed my ban period if I even was convicted of this act.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I believe I was confused on which voice you were referring to but yes my voice is to be heard in the video misidentifying me shooting someone.  I believe I had kill rights because if I can remember correctly I was with him and within the same area of before I had computer troubles and as he was in the situation. I believe I took the word of my partner when confirming whether these were the guys we were after describing their clothing. And as this happened so long ago I cannot remembered where I had logged in at.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Becoming unbanned and continuing to interact in the community

What could you have done better?: I could have understood the situation more and responded when prompted to dispute other events.

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Unfortunately you've not been convicted or cleared of anything yet, as your lack of response put a halt to that. You being busy does not count as time served. We need to continue the process to determine if you are guilty of any rulebreaks or not first to see if you may or may not have any punishment to serve.

Please ensure you keep an eye on this appeal to answer any questions we might have so we don't run into this all over again.

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@ZachDobbins [Attempted KoS/Lying in a Report]: Guilty.


A team of Staff Members have reviewed this Report and come to the following conclusion.

ZachDobbins, you are found guilty of the following; Attempted KoS and Lying in a Report.

First off, you were not involved in the original situation that took place where Para shoots and kills one of SgtRummel Allies as stated here 00:11:53 | "James Manning SHOT Sammy Rose by AugSteyr into pelvis ." that would of given you Dynamic Kill Rights, as you even admit to the fact in your PoV, As I was not close enough to the firefight at the beginning nor was close enough to where he was held up.

That would include these 3 attempted kills.

01:25:30 | "Kyle Snow  SHOT Leo Lynch  by AKM into Chest."
01:25:46 | "Kyle Snow  SHOT Yuri Cervanka  by AKM into rightleg."
01:26:52 | "Kyle Snow  SHOT Viktor Chesnov by AKM into rightleg."

Second, the first Attempted KoS is proven in SgtRummels Video at this time stamp you note that you see someone looting and decide to take shots at them, as is also proven in the Logs via; 01:25:30 | "Kyle Snow  SHOT Leo Lynch  by AKM into Chest."

But you noted in your PoV that you had been receiving shots and did not fire back, but as shown in the video this is untrue. You state in your PoV, "A group of men then came running into the woods where me and Mr. Black were hiding and began shooting near our area. We confirmed that they were involved in the hold up and Mr. Black began shooting , as I did not shoot a round until later. The then began getting closer to us tracking our position  , and Mr. Black began shooting . They spotted me in the process firing at me and Mr. Black , i then began returning fire as I was being shot at by these men." But we can hear in your call outs in the video, that you do indeed take the first shots.

Due to this you are found Guilty of Lying in a Report.


@ZachDobbins [Attempted KoS x 3/Lying in a Report]:  Punishment ( 7 day ban, 15 warning points )

Signed by @Brayces, @Oliv

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